Warming up your Decor for Autumn

I don/t know about anyone else but this year I have been so excited about Autumn and the cold nights drawing in. There just something so cosy about them!

This time last year, out house was still very much a work in progress and alot of the rooms were still undecorated. This year, things are finally feeling more finished off and so its more exciting to shop for seasonal decor to blend in with the home. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people to go way over board and decorate every inch of the house for the season (until Christmas comes along, then it's a free for all!). But I have however enjoyed incorporating a few little touches of autumn into the decor. The best thing about it is everything I've found has been so affordable. I don't think I've spent more that £20 all in.

So, heres a breakdown of what I've bought, along with where from and how much!



So in the kitchen the main thing I added were these autumn leaf garlands. Its actually one garland which was 180cms long so I cut it into two making them perfect length for both of the shelves.  They were a total steal! I found them on eBay from a garden centre called ukgd_shop (click to be directed to the listing). The next thing I did was intwine some battery operated orange LED lights into the garland for that extra cosy feeling at night. 

The other things I added to the kitchen was this gold geometric wire fruit bowl. I wanted to add some gold accents to add extra warmth and a luxe feel as the kitchen is very white. I got this at B&M and I think it was about £3.00 (bargain!).

Living Room


I haven't added much to the living room except for these little baby pumpkins which I absolutely love! I bought them at my local florist and there were only 3 for £1.50!! I bought 9 all together in varying shapes, sizes and colours and just dotted them around the house. They are a really simple and affordable way of adding a little Autumn decor to your home.



For the bedroom I thought about going for a different style of bedding but for as long as i can remember I've always stuck to plain white bedding. Im a creature of habit! I briefly tried out a monochrome pattern bed set but it lasted less then 2 weeks before I switched back. Anyway, to add a little warmth to the bedroom I added some grey fleecy cushions from B&M and a faux battered leather cushion from Primark. I've had them a while but I love using them in different rooms for a pop of colour and they were only £6.00 each so a total bargain! The other item i added was this gorgeous brown faux fur throw. I got it last year in the sale at Sainsburys and it is so soft and luxurious. I definitely reccomend checking out their home section because the quality is amazing! 

So those are my few simple ways I like to bring the season home. Do you have any cool decor ideas you do in your home? We'd love to hear!

Till next time, JT. 

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