DIY - Make your own star cushion - Guest blog post by Rachel


Faux leather star cushions are hugely popular and not just in kids rooms - thanks to Abigail Ahern injecting them into her interiors .
They can be quite pricey to buy , so with a bit of sewing machine skills you can create your very own faux leather star cushion . Rachel from @raspberry_flavoured_windows kindly agreed to share her secrets as to how to create this beauties . You will be surprised that with a bit of patience and will power you budget star cushion will grace your interiors in no time . Over to you Rachel !

Everyone loves cushions right? I mean what’s not to like? In much the way that pearl earrings compliment the little black dress and complete the outfit. The finishing touch to interiors has to be cushions. They can change the feel of a room in seconds and utterly transform an interior from cold and clinical to warm and cosy. They add depth and texture and have to be one of the most versatile interior accessories out there. Boy can they cost the earth though.

I recently found some cushions I love at Rocket St George but at £135.00 upwards for each one and I liked 3!! The three Sarah Bailey cushions I wanted totalled £465.00! A. I don’t happen to have that amount of spare cash hanging around (I checked under the sofa but came up with 2p, a sock and the top off a wine bottle). And B. If I had the budget I’m not sure I could actually bring myself to spend that amount on 3 cushions.

Having had a good look at them I thought hang on a minute, they can’t be that difficult to make, maybe I should have a go at making them myself. And that’s exactly what I did. They were actually fairly easy to make and although not quite as good as the originals they only cost me around £40.00 for three rather than £400.00. You do need a sewing machine but I’ve designed these without zips to keep them as simple as possible.


All you need is for all three cushions is

  • 2 metres of black velvet

  • 1 metre gold imitation leather ( look in ebay under faux leather /pu leather )

  • Sewing Machine and thread in black and gold

  • Scissors

  • RulerCompass or string and drawing pin.

  • Pen

  • Paper to make your pattern

  • Kapock/stuffing

  • 2 x 50cm x 50cm feather cushion pad


How to make the star cushion.

1.     Start by making your template/ pattern for the cushion. I decided to make my star 75cm wide. I followed a guide on how to create the pentagram shape online. At first I thought this was going to be difficult but as I followed each step one by one I realised that it was actually easy. This is where you need either a very large compass or like me you can use a piece of string attached to a pin at one end and you pen at the other end. You basically create a circle with a diameter of 75 cm and then follow the instructions that can be found here.

2.     Once you have created your template place it on the reverse of your imitation leather and draw around it with your pen. I found a Sharpie worked well. Then uses your ruler drawer another star around it approximately 1 cm bigger and then cut around the lines of this larger star.


3.     Place your gold star face down onto the top of your velvet (right sides together) and pin all the way around as close to the edge as possible.

4.     Now using the sewing machine stitch all the way around the star following the line you drew for the smaller circle. Try to start half way down a point and finish leaving a whole large enough to just about get you hand in.


5.     Now cut the points square across as close to your sewing line as possible and make a snip into each V where the points meet (again getting as close as possible to your stitching). This means the star will form a perfect shape when you turn it inside out.

6.     Bring one point at a time through the hole you have created and then using something like a wooden spoon push the points through so they are nice and pointy! Do not use something with a sharp end, I tried this initially and had to start again as I ripped the imitation leather. This is the fiddliest part and requires a bit of patience.

7.     Now with the help of your wooden spoon use the Kapock to fill each point of your star working from the point back to the centre. Keep feeling each point to check you have evenly stuffed them. Add filling to the entre and then sew the hole up my hand.


How to make the square ‘no zip’ cushions


1.     From you black velvet cut out two 52cm by 52cm squares.

2.     Cut another two rectangles measuring 52cm by 29cm.

3.     And another two measuring 52cm by 42cm.

4.     On your paper draw a lightning bolt that measures 52cm long. Draw around this on the reverse of your imitation leather and cut out.

5.     On another piece of paper follow the same directions as earlier to make a smaller star measuring 15cm in diameter and then cut this out too. Draw around the finished star four times and cut each one out.

6.     Take one of your 52cm by 52 cm of black velvet and pin the lightning bolt right side up to the right side of your the square. You are going to be sewing as close to the edge as possible along your bolt so try to place the pins where the stitching line will eventually be.

7.     Arrange and pin the stars on the other 52cm by 52cm square of velvet in the same way.

8.     Change the thread on your machine to one as close as possible in colour to your gold leather and then using straight stitch sew as close to the edge as possible around the starts and both long sides of the lightning bolt. These are your completed cushion fronts.

9.     Take the other 4 remaining squares and place them side by side with the pile of the velvet running in the same direction top to bottom on all of them.

10.  Fold the bottom edges of the two 52cm x 29cm squares by turning the square over and folding 1 cm along the length and then turn again by 1cm and pin. You will now have two squares measuring 52cm by 27cm. These are cushion back 1.

11.  Do the same with the two 52cm by 42cm cushions but this time fold the top edge to end up with a 52cm by 40cm cushion. These are cushion back 2.

12.  Sew along these hems to secure them after changing back to your black thread.

13.  Place cushion back 2 right sides together at the top of cushion your cushion front. Pin and then using straight stitch sew all the way around the 3 outside edges, 1 cm in from the edge.

And you are all done - hope you liked this torturial
Rachel x

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