DIY Industrial Side Table for less than £10!!!!

DIY Industrial Side Table for less than £10

I've always loved those small industrial side tables but I've never found one with a price tag lower that £100.  Then, whilst staring at a rather boring £3.00 metal stool I'd bought purely to use as a plant stand, I had what can only be described as a moment of genius...

If that stool had a wooden top, it would literally look just like the £100+ side tables that I've been lusting over and considering a 2 month diet of beans on toast to be able to get my hands on! 

So then my next thought was where do I buy a small round wooden table top that would fit exactly onto the top of the stool from? The answer to this is nowhere, but this is where another bright idea came in! I have a round chopping board in the kitchen which coincidentally is the exact size I need! (It has never been used BTW, because we all know the fancy wooden chopping boards we display in the kitchen are there only to be looked at)

So, in a few simple steps, here is how you can make your own little industrial side table for less than £10.00!!

What you'll need (click the items for where to buy) :

- A small metal stool

- A round wooden Chopping board

- 4 small screws and a screw driver 

How to make:

The first thing you're going to want to do is lay your wooden chopping board on the floor. Then stand the metal stool upside down on top of it and line it up.

Take your 4 small screws and going through the holes in the top of the metal stool, begin to screw them down into the wood to secure it to the stool.

Once thats done, turn the stool back upright and there you have it! Your new industrial side table for less than a tenner!! 

You can totally customise the wooden top however you'd like, be it through a bright painted colour pop, a cool stencil design or just use a good old wood stain like I did to give the wood a dark and more aged look!

Thanks for reading guys and if you have a go at making this yourself then please do tag us in instagram using #mystylesqueeze or email a pic to us via the contact us link. We'd love to see and we will share our favourites! 


Till next time, JT.


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