DIY Dark UPVC windows for under £50!

How to transform your white UPVC windows to gorgeous dark on trend for less than £50!

Get the look as seen here at the breathtakingly beautiful London home of designer Abigail Ahern.


Ok so here goes my 1st Blog post for Style Squeeze. I thought I would kick it off with my most recent makeover I did a few months back and it's still impressing my family and friends as they rock up to my little bungalow, asking if I've had new windows installed. 

Before I go straight into the 'How To' process I just wanted to give a little history on the whole situation. Previous to my retail business becoming online only, I owned 2 bricks and mortar stores and I was a proud Annie Sloan paint stockist. I've always been totally obsessed with the transformations that paint can create. Annie Sloan products are designed around ease and quickness one of the many reasons I instantly became obsessed. Part of the role of being an authorised stockist involves hosting workshops, I loved this, I can chew your ear off about the wonders of paint and up cycling all day long! I actually still miss this role I met some amazing people. 

Sorry back to my point...basically in a nut shell you can paint pretty much ANYTHING with Annie Sloan Decorative Chalk Paint, without primer and very little prep. Its a dream for short patience/easily bored/time short peeps like me and its our secret tool in this process, painting notoriously hard to paint UPVC.

Im really trying hard to reign in my waffle here guys and this is no Annie Sloan promo i promise so bare with me, I've just got so much to harp on about. You wouldn't think I was super stressed about getting into blogging for years due to being dyslexic so this is way outta my comfort zone!

So here we go.... Quick, cheap and easy guide to painting your UPVC exterior window frames (any colour) for under £50!

(obviously price would be higher if you got more than average amount of windows)


Check out this awesome before and after by Angie Talbot who also has the coolest interior click image to check her IG feed

Check out this awesome before and after by Angie Talbot who also has the coolest interior click image to check her IG feed


  • Small-Medium paint brush (I highly recommend Dulux triangle brush its a beaut for line work)

  • Baby wipes/masking tape for smudges (I'm a baby wipes gal cant be arsed masking it all out)

  • 1 x litre Annie Sloan Decorative chalk Paint ideally in a colour close to your choice of windows i used 'Graphite' (dependant on how many windows you have 1 x 1 litre covers approx 13sqm)

  • 1 x litre B&Q Colours Masonry/exterior paint (As long as its an exterior weatherproof paint)

  • 72 hours of dry weather (the most challenging part of all)

  • Ladders and a brave ass to climb them if unlike me you don't live in a bungalow

  • Brush Cleaner


  1. Check weather forecast for a dry few days as each coat of masonry/exterior paint can require a lengthy overnight time lapse before re-coat.

  2. Clean the frames down of dirt especially anything greasy

  3. (Optional) Lightly sand frames to prep for paint

  4. (Optional) Mask windows to protect glass from paint smudges

  5. Paint 1 coat of Annie Sloan Decorative Chalk Paint - (Allow to dry approx 1-2 hrs)

  6. Paint 1st coat of masonry paint - (Allow to dry approx 4 hrs - overnight please check label)

  7. Paint 2nd coat of masonry paint - (Repeat drying and re-aplication guidelines)

  8. If required for even colour paint a 3rd coat

Once your happy with colour coverage and paint has fully dried peel off masking tape or carefully use a glass scraper to remove any smudges around the glass. Then thats it your finished you kicked boring UPVC ass!


  • This also works on UPVC doors

  • Look into getting a quote from a professional decorator for the higher windows it maybe cheaper than you think and still saving you thousands on new windows

  • Try to leave windows ajar whilst painting so the paint doesn't gather at the joins and dry shut

  • If you have a change of heart within the first 2 hours of applying your 1st Annie Sloan base you will be able to scrub this off before it sets in. Also best not to sand the frames if you aren't 100% sure you want to commit.

  • B&Q Mix up Valspa paint in any colour you wish into an exterior paint.

We would love to see your window frame makeovers please tag us in and use hashtag #Stylesqueeze, here is my own window makeover below.


My freshly painted windows in Dark Grey

My freshly painted windows in Dark Grey

My little bungalow and rare blue skies in the North West.

My little bungalow and rare blue skies in the North West.

Thanks so much for reading, please let me know your thoughts and if this is something you would now consider attempting, I would love to hear?

Nickie x