DIY - Paint or Wrap -Transform your furniture with this quick and easy guide

Kitchen corner post wrapped in sticky back plastic

Kitchen corner post wrapped in sticky back plastic

Today as an example i will use my kitchen as this guidewas originally part of my kitchen makeover post - -with a simple "to buy or diy - your options and a diy guide) on how you can upcycle your kitchen doors or any piece of furniture

To diy : ( based on experience)
Transforming your doors with a lick of paint or wrapping them couldn't be simpler!
If you fancy giving this a go as mention before you have 2 options :

  • Paint -preparation is a key , before you start wash your doors with sugar soap and sponge to remove any dirt or grease that would build up , depending on a type of a door - wood or mdf - you can give both a light sanding , or with mdf you can also use a heat gun to remove the wrapping from the door

Once you done that you will need:
-zinsser bin primer - its by far best primer i used
-paint in color and make of your choice - i can recommend 3v3 paint (no need to varnish ;)
-varnish (optional but could be required for certain paints )
- paint brush and roller
After area is clean and dry apply a first coat of primer ( you will need to re coat - please check the instructions on the back of the tin ) , after you done with primer , use paint - i usually use roller to apply paint and slightly sand between coats for an even finish , make sure paint is dry between each coat , lastly varnish - apply few coats in between - again making sure that each coat is fully dry- be careful with your doors until surface is fully harden - for some varnishes , and paints it might take as little as few days and as long as few weeks

  • Wrap - I have a love hate relationship with wrapping doors and worktops in sticky back plastic - for a best results it requires some practice , as well as clean surface (washed with sugar soap ) - there are few methods that you can use to achieve a professional result

- dry method: you will need a credit card wrapped in cloth or a soft card , a cloth , needle and hairdryer (both are helpful with dealing with those pesky bubbles that wont go ) - start by unrolling your roll of sticky back plastic and undoing a little bit of the top - place the sticky side down onto a surface , then use a card , cloth to push out any bubbles , slowly keep undoing sticky back plastic working your way down , if there is a bubble that wont go away pierce the area with a needle and flatten it - hairdryer will shrink the wrap a little
-wet method: - use a spray bottle with a soapy water solution -this will stop the sticky back plastic sticking onto a surface allowing you to place it fully , then use a shower squeegee( or a grout multi tool) to squeegee away all the water that you spray onto a surface - then wipe all excess liquid with a tea towel - if there are bubbles poke them with the needle
And you all done

My painted dressing table

My painted dressing table

To buy :
Sadly I have opted for buying my doors for 2 reasons :

  1. I wanted a different style

  2. I have replaced drawers i didn't need with a full door

    Traditional Shaker style kitchen was always a small dream of mine , changing doors was a much cheaper option as well as the easiest one in terms of work and mess that comes with it - besides replacing 2 cabinets with a one long one and removing one wall unit in order to fit the shelving - all remaining doors were ordered from Kitchen Door Workshop as my cabinet carcasses were in a pretty good condition.
    I picked a traditional silk white door from the Trends range - Washington -from Kitchen Door Workshop Delivery for a a non standard door sizes took 7 days to deliver - next day for standard sizes (wow!)
    You can follow a easy video guide on how to measure the doors , and hinge spacing guide video that is provided on their website
    Because i was ditching most of the drawers that for some bizarre reason were put on the top part of every unit- it was quite a lot of fun working out where to place a hinge .
    When doors arrived all i had to do is remove drawer gliders and move one of the hinges up and then screw the doors in .
    Comparing to my new Ikea as well as my old doors - KDW doors felt heavier and made better , also corners were slightly curved which is a perfect option for families with kids .
    As i already mentioned i dont do planning i just go with the flow - when i placed an order i have changed my mind when it came to the amount of doors i wanted to order - a quick phone call and company added extra door to my order saving me paying for extra postage ! ( delivery is free for orders over £250)
    As long as you follow video guide for measuring ( and triple check everything ) you really cant go wrong
    For any corner posts you have 2 options -buy one that matches the right color , or go the cheaper route - fablon it -( sticky back plastic - i ordered mine in mat on ebay) - doors were fitted within few hours, as i had to move and adjust some hinges .
    Having a door made to measure also allowed me to add a door to a extra narrow space by the cooker(see pic below) - that part (as its not a unit) was made i think by the people who fitted the kitchen - it was to narrow for any narrow door ;)
    To fit handles - pick one you like ( mine were cheap ebay china find) you will need to measure the correct distance for the holes , mask the area for drilling - that will stop the drill sliding and damaging your doors in the process , also pick a correct type and size of the drill bit-
    For ease of installation you can purchase a " handle drilling jig" From Kitchen door workshop they also carry a range of handles as a " one stop shop"

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