DIY- easy - How to tile and grout walls and floors

DIY- easy - How to tile and grout walls and floors

Tiling - Getting down and dirty
Tiling as scary as it sounds its quite easy- well easier than tiling a wall as tile will not slide down ;)
Preparations is a key! to do a simple tile job you will need few things : (i shopped around for all of those to get best price possible - i also kept all the items below from my hallway tile job )

  • tile adhesive

  • tile cutter (i used both manual and electric with great results )

  • tile snipers /nippers - they will be very handy

  • trowel

  • combi spreader /squeegee (just because i love using them- but you can use grout float instead )

  • tile spacers

  • sponges

  • bucket x 2

  • mixing tool and drill - i saved money and attached a wooden spatula to my drill -works same way

  • Also : spirit level , marker pen ,scrapers , pencil ,measuring tape, safety glasses ,knee pads (those are a God send!) tile trim correct tile adhesive and grout (for wall tiles) and gloves and don't forget wearing them like i did

Before you start make sure your floor is leveled and cleaned - if its not you need to use a leveling compound
Depending on adhesive - a ready mixed adhesive (more expensive and saves time)  or powdered one- please read mixing instructions on how much water to add on a packing and mix it in the bucket
Mark a straight line on the floor as a guide for your first center lines of tiles .
Also fill a second bucket with water and have a sponge ready

Now we are ready to start!
i have used a notched trowel that also have a a flat surface and spread adhesive according to manufacture instructions - put a "blob of adhesive " onto a floor- then to even the adhesive out i used notched side of the trowel working both ways and removing the eccess - then once you done that you can place tile gently onto the adhesive. Give the tile a bit of a wiggle so it will stick better ,and to release any trapped air.
Then use your spirit level to make sure tile is leveled , place another tile next to it and repeat what you did before , as soon as you done it place a chosen tile spacers in between the tiles to ensure even gap. Clean any adhesive off the tiles using a wet sponge - it will save you extra work later on

Making cuts
This isn't as difficult as it sounds , you need to mark the tile where you need it to be cut or trimmed off , make sure you measure space correctly allowing some space to fit tile spacers , transfer your measurements onto a tile and began to make a cut

For wall tiles - same thing applies but start from the top of the worktop going up first - to stop tiles from sliding down (by a cooker) screw few screws or bang few nails into a wall

Grouting - and why you should wear your gloves
Lets be honest here grouting isn't fun , depending on the color of your grout - it is worst than baptizing a cat ! (not that you would baptize a cat anyway - but you get the idea )
Here is what you need before you start :

  • gloves!

  • bucket

  • sponge and dry cloth

  • grout float or combi tool

  • mixing tool or wooden spatula

  • Drill and grout

To began grouting first you need to make sure adhesive have set i waited 2 days just to be on a safe side
Mix grout according to instructions on the back of the bag - adding little water while you mix to achieve a consistency of a cream cheese. Using a grout float or a combi tool began applying grout into the gaps (ohh and remove tile spacers before you start ;) working grout at 45 degree angle - make sure that when you are doing it you are "pushing the grout in"
Allow it to dry a little - and start wiping the excesses grout - I have used 2 methods both are as messy and can make you lose your cool
Wet-sponge it till as clean as possible, or dry wipe it - that worked better on my wall tiles.
And that's abut it - it might leave you slightly crazy but the job is done ;)

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