How to Gallery Wall like a boss

Here we go a full low down on gallery walls from why, how, where and some major wow! 

Purely because I'm totally OBSESSED with Art, how its displayed & how much of an impact it creates aesthetically and emotionally.


Personally I don't know about you but I go out of my way to own or create my own items that are then complete one offs for my home this also extends to my clothes actually and also why vintage is golden, but i won't digress. I think in this ever transparent world we now live in, individualism is becoming more of a crave, especially for creatives, as its pretty easy now to get the 'how to' on just about everything all at our finger tips. You no longer have to rely on being educated in class or have raw styling talent to pull off style. Which by the way I'm not saying is a bad thing its totally amazing! Instagram is absolutely awesome for discovering talent and gaining some wicked inspiration on literally anything.

Therefore a gallery wall or even a humongus badass piece of art in my eyes is the same as like designing your own wallpaper. Also its pretty hard to replicate another gallery wall so they all end up a piece of art in their own rights. Plus heres the massive bonus there bloody mobile arent they so this is not a waste of money for any homeowner renting or not! What is not to love. They are probably also the single biggest and best way to give your interior decor bags of personalty, style & a story, thats is something no ones gonna be able to replicate.

Stylist and blogger  Lisa Dawson  knows how to Gallery wall like a boss!

Stylist and blogger Lisa Dawson knows how to Gallery wall like a boss!


Before you head off to Ikea for your frames stay with me I'm delving into the how, where, being alternative and then the WOW!


As I mentioned in my opinion your gallery wall is a piece of art in its own right so I highly recommend going with the flow, there really is no right or wrong way to be a gallery wall boss and ultimately its there to make you happy and you only! Why not start with hanging your most treasured larger prints then building around these.

If your not confident enough to go with the flow and trust your instinct then gab some large paper cut to size of your prints and grab yourself some light stick masking tape and have a play around with different layouts on your wall. I personally don't like gallery walls that look overly structured, like lined up to the exact mm. Personally i think they should look relaxed to give it more interest. Btw if you do like your gallery wall to look neat and in line then please do take time and get it exact its either non structured scattered or perfectly in line anything in between will draw attention over the prints.

COLOUR: Colour cohesive gallery walls especially neutral and monochrome themes are easy on the eye don't scream attention and sit stylishly in any room, also awesome for being timeless. Although some of the most stunning gallery walls I've seen are totally bonkers non-cohesive in colour and include 3d art so again dig deep and find what is gonna make your heart smile to look at.


FRAMES: Its ace to support your local framer if you can (find via google) or for great cheap frames I would recommend IKEA, Ebay & The Range. 

MOUNTS: Mounts can add extra drama and a quality professionally framed look to your prints so have a play with mounts see if you think it extenuates your prints. The Range sell a wide variety of mounts as does Ebay.

Where to source your Art?

Here's my top picks of online stores to find you some awesome affordable art from photography prints, Typography to painted Art prints and Digital graphic design Art prints. (I cant not put myself at the top of this list.. soz shameless plug)

Vickie Neave (wave goodbye to a whole day, so worth it thou)

 Then if your looking for some collectable special Art heres my go to Art galleries where all my wish lists lie of my favourite artists.

Be alternative!

Finally your gallery walls don't have to be just prints they can be filled with a mixture of prints, Art, 3D animal heads/skulls and some kick ass custom neon! My 3 fav -

Neon, Skulls + Art! (custom and readily designed led neon) (custom & pre designed led neons) (el wire custom neons)

Also they don't have to be framed simply using washi tape is a pretty cool look which Kate Young absolutely nails to perfection.

Another awesome fact about gallery walls is they literally work in EVERY single room in the home even the loo!

Home of stylist + Blogger  Kerry Lockwood

Home of stylist + Blogger Kerry Lockwood



Before I leave you with the best Gallery wall inso around I want to quickly thank you for reading, I hope it was even a little inspiring and hopefully you will be going on to gallery wall like a boss! If you do please share your pics with us and tag us lot in on social media or use hashtag #stylesqueeze. I also co-host a hashtag over on instagram #gallerywallhashtag so please join in for the chance to be featured.


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