DIY - How to re colour your leather furniture

DIY - How to re colour your leather furniture

I don't know if you like me love finding vintage bargains that sometimes do not go with your current colour scheme - like this chair pictured - can you believe that this baby used to be red?
This chair was one of many items that my husband have questioned in the past following by " are you all right?" - Ohh Dear Mr Robins - i am more than all right and i am not having a breakdown neither
If you believe in love at first sight- this baby was one of many " loves" i encountered on gumtree- tho clarify all of which were furniture or home ware items with few tools town in .
I have lovingly struggled to squeeze this chair into the back of the car followed by less lovingly trying to fit it through our front door only to then place it in this very corner ( i had slightly different decor back then ) and the look on Mr.Grumpy face was priceless !  

here is the chair before - it was old and well cared for - unlike my decor

here is the chair before - it was old and well cared for - unlike my decor

This transformation is surprisingly easy -but before you start here are few things you need to get :

  • Leather Dye in the colour of your choice- i have used this one but this one have very good reviews any brand/ make works same way

  • Rubbing alcohol or acetone -to remove oil / grease and prepare the surface - bare in mind acetone is much more harsher

  • pair of ;latex gloves to protect your hands from staining

  • kitchen sponge cut in half - i used bog standard ones

  • old socks to buff it all out

  • plastic dust sheets - or anything else to protect floor from getting stained

  • acrylic resolene - optional for sealing your stain ( need to be applied after few coats of dye as it can pull some dye out )

* Please remember that you cannot dye a dark leather lighter - for that you need leather paint not dye

How to :

  1. First make sure that you put plastic dust sheets down to protect the floor as Leather stain is really strong

  2. Put your gloves on and began to apply rubbing alcohol on one of the kitchen sponges - then start wiping the chair down - you can do it few times to make sure surface is clean and it will appear less shiny - this is a very important step so please make sure you rubbed whole area properly

  3. Once chair is dry - it only takes few seconds - we can start on applying afirst coat of dye - put one sock on your hand ( make sure you wear a latex glove underneath) as you will need it as soon as you apply dye .

  4. pour a little dye onto a sponge and in circular motion began to apply dye onto a leather surface - you can do a little area at the time

  5. using your " socked" hand also in curricular motion began to buff the area - this will ensure that the dye is evenly distributed

  6. once you done applying as well as buffing the dye on whole area give it a few hours before applying another coat or 2 ( if you want to make sure or if you are planning to apply leather sealant aka acrylic resolene after)

  7. Now once your leather piece of furniture is fully dry it is time to apply acrylic resolene - i usually do this same way than i applied a dye - make sure you use very little of the product on a sponge and try not to apply it in circular motion -and do it gentle and quickly as this thing gets a little sticky quickly :)

And you are all done - Here is a video i done a while ago showing you how i done it - just please ignore my accent ;)

And we are done!
Please let me know if you have any questions , DIY/ project suggestions you would love to see in my next blog post
Thank you so much for reading
Pati x

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