VQ Hepburn Mk II DAB Radio and speaker review + giveaway

Since young age i always surrounded myself with music - if you are old enough to remember you might have spent hours listening to a radio and waiting for your favorite song to to come up so you can tape it - If you aren't old enough to remember this - let me tell you one thing - now you all got it easy - and as much as this memory is embedded in my head i would never ever do it again ;)
I came from a vinyl record and cassette payer generation - I still collect vinyl records but my record player packed up - so i listen a lot more to a radio this days , while my daughter loves her ipod - instead of having many devices dotted around the house VQ radio came up with the best of both words ! -
This super stylish VQ Hepburn Mk II is a DAB Radio and Bluetooth speaker  that comes in choice of 18 colour and pastern combination to fit any decor.





If you follow me on my instagram you will already know that i love pattern so naturally i have chosen a Lulu Guinness black lip patterned radio and when it arrived i was blown away by it stylish exterior - the sleek white faux leather with black lips dotted around feels luxurious to the touch- black speaker with a vq logo embedded on the lip shaped badge will be a hit for both home decor and style lovers alike
It is worth to mention that VQ is a British audio brand based in the heart of Hampshire - they produce a range of stylish radios that come in all shapes and sizes also they are reasonably priced without skimping on quality of sound

VQ radio is surprisingly easy to operate-if you look at the top of the radio - buttons are easily accessible and clearly labeled , they also feel very well made , and the whole look is just divine!
OK enough about looks - lets talk about its performance - In short it performs as well as it looks - if not better its hard to say as it looks good and sounds good.
Besides DAB and DAB+ function you can also listen to a classic FM radio - you can also pre set your favorite stations so they are even more easier to access at the touch of a button
But that is not enough - you canlisten to your favorite songs via Bluetooth or simply charge your device thanks to a handy port

Another brilliant feature is its portability - you are no longer bound by the length of the plug or look for extension lead that is actually long enough to reach the back garden ( or a front garden for that matter)
You can use a rechargeable battery pack that can be purchased on the VQ website - ( even the battery pack looks cool! ) Battery pack allows you to listen continuously to your favorite radio station or your favorite tunes for 25 h (Or 76 hours on standby)  -brilliant ! - unless you have a bad taste in music like my daughter has -a fantastic time can turn in to enduring 25h of hell - there is also a handy headphone port ( Thank God !!! )

This radio fits comfortably in any space - its not too big or too small-with its ultra wide speaker equipped in Digital Sound Processing technology - this for you means - better quality of sound
Listening wirelessly via Bluetooth works seamlessly without any disruptions -Mr Grumpy claims that sound is the clearest he have heard - and Mr Grumpy does not often voice his opinions (trust me on that one ;)

If you love sleeping or are a parent - VQ got you covered -you can set up a morning alarm - and wake up to a sound of music - no pun intended - we have tried the alarm feature and it works great without the fail - much to a displeasure of our daughter who would love to sleep away whole school day x


Now for the fun part !
Fantastic VQ team kindly donated a VQ Hepburn Mk II in a color or pattern of your choice (worth between £129-£159) depending on colour /pattern combination you chose
To be in a chance of winning please complete the following
1-Follow myVQuk on instagram
2- On my Instagram post tag as many friend as you wish to be in the chance of winning (more you tag the greaterthe chance of winning )
3- optional like us on facebook
competition will run till Sunday 2 of July and winner will be picked at random and announced on Monday x Good luck everyone

  • This giveaway was made in collaboration with VQ Radio -All photos and views are my own.-Thank you so much for making this giveaway possible x
    Pati x

    winer of a uber cool @myvquk radio is @artyhomestudio -congratulations lovely

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