DIY Outdoor Bar for £30.00!!!

DIY Outdoor Bar for £30.00!!!

You would never believe it but here in the U.K. we were currently in the throws of summer! A couple weeks ago we had day after day of what can only be described as borderline tropical weather! Temperatures soared to almost 40 degrees, there wasn't a sight of rain, everyone was BBQ'ing, making plans for garden parties... there was hope! Fast forward to now and were back to our typical British summer, rain and all.  However, sun is forecast to return again and we will all be making the most of it! 

So this year, we decided we were going to make a start on our garden.  There wasn't particularly anything wrong with it as it was. It is a typical new build garden. A newly laid lawn, flag stones and entirely fenced around and private. It was liveable but BORING! We spent most of the winter thinking up ideas of what we could do with the garden to make it more useable and a nice place to hang out in (in those few summer days we get!). One thing I have always had my heart set on is an outdoor bar. Giving that in the summer, most of the parties we have are in the garden so beyond my own desperate desire for an outdoor bar, it actually makes sense! (That's what won Max over to the idea!)

Anyway, we have plans to build a decking area which will have a built in seating area with fire pit on one side and a fully built in bar in the other. When pricing this up we quickly realised it was out of our budget for this year its now on the back burner till next year. I refuse to be defeated in the meantime though and came up with an idea to have a mini garden bar that we could use for entertaining at parties to avoid the drink covered kitchen that occurs every time we have a get together! 

I was eyeing up these potting tables when it occurred to me that they could actually be used for more that just potting plants. They could easily be up-cycled into a bar area. SO, heres how I did it! 

I bought this potting table from B&M for less than £30. It comes as flat-pack and if you buy this same one, I will warn you now it is not the easiest piece to assemble. Truth be told, on my attempt it took approximately 2 hours. There was swearing, screwdrivers thrown across the garden and threats of never buying anything flat pack again in my life. However, I persevered and it paid off because once built it was a sturdy, nice looking table.


Next it was time to give it some personality. I chose to paint the table black as we have decided on lots of black and metal accents for the garden decor so it would tie in well. I used an old vegetable crate for additional shelving space and painted the inside of it black to tie in. Currently there are a couple plants hanging in there but i plan to add more pots and make it into a herb garden. Finally, I just added all the usual bar accessories you need and most importantly, THE BOOZE! Then its good to go!

I sit typing this hoping we get a few more sunny nights to make use if the bar but if not, at least we can still drink indoors! Hope you're all enjoying your summer too! 

Till next time, JT!

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