DIY Cheap and Easy £5 wooden Chevron Headboard

DIY Cheap and Easy £5 chevron wooden Headboard

Hi guys! Happy Sunday - if you watched my Instagram stories i mentioned that i am building a headboard and will post a very easy tutorial. So here it is - my daughter " new-old" headboard done for a grand total of £5 - why was it so cheap you might wonder - i used bed slats that i have picked up on GUMTREEfor a £5 and rest of the materials i had at home ( because i am a hoarder of things i " might need later on " ;)
If you if you don't have anything - the cost of wood and wood stain would be around £30 (providing you have a back board - if not hit your local IKEA , free cycle pages or skips for any piece of mdf , chip board , furniture board etc - our local IKEA often leaves "broken" pieces of furniture outside for people to take - i am quite sure yours might do it too)

List of supplies : 

  • headboard wall fixing brakes - i love those are you basically slide headboard in

  • backboard - mdf, chip board , furniture thicker board or simply re use your old headboard like i did

  • - wood - i used bed slats but in Wickes , homebse or B&Q you can get rough sawn timber , or plain timber in a width of your choice quite cheap , or better use a pallet wood - as wood does not need to be thick

  • - sanding paper or a sander

  • - mitre box and saw - you can use a had one or electric sliding compound mitre saw

  • - "no nails" adhesive i used 2 tubes bought ages ago i think in b&m for something like a £1

  • -caulk"gun"

  • - pencil

  • - measuring tape

  • - spirit level

  • wood stain - i chose wilko oak £4.99

  • you can also get angle finder to check that your pieces of wood are at 45 degree angle( ebay is super cheap for those)

  • hammer

  • nails - tack nails

How to ( with less than desirable photos courtesy of Mr. Grumpy)

1-   On a board that you be using as a backing ( depending on a shape )

  • if its square - draw a line from one corner to another -do this to both corners , one from half of the board top to bottom and side to side( to determinate where the half is -measure the length of the board and divide the measurement by half- and you got your "half") in a place where all your lines cross you be laying your first planks of wood

  • if its rectangle - like mine was - don't bother with corner to corner lines as when you line your wood it will not be resting exactly on a line that's going from corner to corner - i only drew it for the purpose of this tutorial ) -draw only a line going though the halaf of the board top to bottom and side to side - in a place where all your lines cross you be laying your first planks of wood

can you see all my lines and how they cross ?

can you see all my lines and how they cross ?

2 - measure a distance from the center to a nearest end of the board at a 45 degree angle (V shape) ( and allow few cm extra just to be sure )
cut your first 2 pieces of wood at a 45 degree angle to do this :

  • If you are using a a compound Mistre saw then just set the dial to 45 degrees

  • if you are using ahand saw and mitre box- click here for a "blonde set up" -

You can cut all pieces same way and just turn them on the other side - you will have 45 degree angle either way ;)
Once you got your 2 pieces "join them " right where the center lines cross - just like i did so they form a V shape and repeat the step directly above so you get 2 v shapes facing in opposite directions

3 -Once you got your 2 V's - they will be your main starting points - you can now use an adhesive if you like and "glue them in" - or if you are not 100% sure just wait till you cut and test lay all other pieces

see the 2 V shapes ? - that is what i meant

see the 2 V shapes ? - that is what i meant

4 - slowly start cutting and filling the space around with wood pieces-to save wood i first started on the biggest pieces and saved any off cuts so i could later fill the smaller v shapes like in the photo below - i was simply going around the whole boardlaying wood from biggest pieces down to smaller ones ;)


5 - You know when you are finished when your peace looks like the one in the image below- if you haven't applied adhesive yet now its time to start applying it (look image under point 3 for guide) - if you already done it start banging nails in.  I added 2 on every piece of wood - in longer pieces of wood - i hammered one extra in the middle

6 -we are almost here guys :) - now it is time to trim of the execs of wood sticking out- use your hand saw(or electric saw ) and put some elbow grease into it :) - the easiest way to do it is laying the board other way around so you can clearly see the backboard
PS - see this beautifull and straight sewn off part - let me assure you other sides are not that pretty ;)
Then start sanding down the whole lot - if your wood is already smooth- if it is just sand down any rough edges

7 - Now it is time to add your trim nothing fancy or as fancy as you like - trim it accordingly to the size of your headboard - add some adhesive and hammer few nails in

8 -The fun part starts here - stain your headboard with your chosen shade and attach wall brackets wait for stain to dry and you are all done


Thank You for taking your time to read my toturial hope you found it helpful - let me know if you need any more information and i will respond as soon as i can - alternatively feel free to dm me on my instagram x
love Pati x

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