Blending Masculine and Feminine Styling

When you decorate your house yourself it can be so much easier, you know what you want and how you want it. But when you move into a house with your partner, things suddenly get much more tricky, especially if you either both have completely different tastes or (as in my case) your partner has absolutely no interest in decor and interiors at all! 

One thing I hear most of my female friends complain about when it comes to decorating their home is how difficult they find it to make the home fit around their feminine tastes, but still have some masculine flair added in for their partner too. 

Rewind back a few years when I first started to develop an interest in interiors, the term 'masculine' brought images to my head of red painted rooms, zebra rugs, football shirts hung on the walls, Playboy Mansion style decor, etc. and it did not in any way appeal. I quickly learned however that my visions could not be further from correct.

One thing that has always interested me, particularly when I became involved with the Instagram community was how couples integrated their own styles into their home. I've come across some incredibly talented Intagrammers who's homes I believe have the prefect balance of both masculine and feminine decor.



Seth and Daniela from Friendship Manor blend their individual styles together perfectly.  Seth loves to collect the most beautiful pieces of vintage furniture which are utilised in their home witch such ease. The patterned curtains and blue colour pop in the alcoves add a feminine touch. Likewise in their bedroom, the neutral colour palette is calming but the very cool addition of the Skeleton Band, which Seth found whilst in Mexico, add an unexpected edge to the room. 



here, interior designer and stylist Siobhan Hayles had added a colourful velvet chair and florals and metallic's to contrast the edgy art and industrial shelving.


Michelle Matagni's Living room is painted in a stunning shade of pink, but the black and white gallery wall add in the perfect masculine touch. There even a couple of our very talented co-blogger Pati's photography included there which is available here.


Rach Sykes Living room has used raw materials like wood and copper piping to add a masculine edge but the cushions and sheepskin rugs give the room a softer feminine touch.


Lauren from The Doer Upper uses cushions and bright colour pops to give her rooms some feminine touches, yet the clever use of black frames and dark kitchen cabinets keep the room from looking too feminine.


Andrew from Green and Golden has the ultimate cool masculine pad but he has used neutral wall colours, colour pops in the art and sofa cushions keep the room from looking too masculine.



Susi and Jay from ReStyle have used dark walls in their living room, giving the room a very masculine feel but the use of fairy lights, sheepskins and assorted fabric throw cushions give the room a feminine feel.


So if this is something you're finding difficult to do in your home, I hope this blog post has helped. If not, I hope you enjoyed having a little peek at some of my favourite homes on instagram.

Till next time, JT x


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