DIY Kitchen Kick-board Lighting (without needing to wire or use an electrician)

DIY Kitchen Kick-board Lighting (without needing to wire or use an electrician)

One thing I've always loved in kick-board lights in the kitchen. I love having some kind of soft lighting in the kitchen on an evening, whether its through cabinet lighting or a nice lamp on the counter etc. Usually, when you choose a kitchen, the integrated lighting options are an add on and can run you quite a bit over budget. I found a much cheaper way of adding this to our kitchen without spending anything over the budget. Its pretty simple to do and makes a huge difference.

What you need (click links for where I bought mine):

Decking lights

25mm Drill Bit

Double-adaptor socket

Timer socket or Remote control socket


Drill, Tape measure, Ruler, Pencil.

I started by buying a set of 10 decking lights. I got mine from good old B&M and they only cost £12.00!! If you don't have a B&M near by, or they don't stock them, these from ebay are the same!

Then, I unclipped the kick-boards from our units. using a tape measure and pencil, i measured out the length of each kick-board and divided it to evenly space out where the lights should go. I worked out that there was space for 3 lights on the longest kick-board and 1 light on each of the smaller kick-boards. 

The decking lights I used were a 2 inch diameter with a 1 inch insert, so I bought a 1 Inch drill bit to drill the holes into the kick-boards. This step is pretty easy, rest your kick-board on a stool or something to lift it away from the floor slightly. line up your drill and carefully drill out a hole for each light where you marked. this gets messy so I'd recommend doing this outside and save yourself sweeping up all the saw dust in your kitchen like i had to! after the hole are drilled, give them a quick sand around to neaten them off.

After that, you need to push each light into the hole and connect the wires together. They all connect by pushing the ends together. super simple!

After this, all you need to do is plug the lights into a socket and clip the kick-boards back on and Presto! DONE!! except... If like my kitchen, you probably don't have a handy socket hidden behind you cupboards with an easy to reach switch.

The way I got around this was to use a double adaptor socket and a timer switch. I plugged a double adaptor socket into the washing machine socket, then plugged a timer socket into one and the washing machine into the other. Then, set your time switch to the time you want your lights to come on. Mine are set tome switch on at 6:00pm and go off and 11:30.  (images from here and here)

Another option you can use if you don't want to use a timer is these cool little sockets from Amazon. They come with a remote control so you can easily switch the lights on and off at any time using the remote control. (image from here)

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