Confessions of a neon addict

Why the obsession?

Hi so this week after really enjoying writing my previous skull indulged post I thought another post based on another obsession of mine would be fun! Here goes as i divulge into my years of neon obsession.

Strangely I only actually realised this since becoming a blogger but I subconsciously always try and fit three things into my room designs, even those of clients, which I can assure you some clients have had to say a stern no to me in the past ha, (hey a girls gotta at least try to get her own way), these are Art, Skulls & Neon.

In my opinion Neon lighting is just the coolest piece of art to own, instantly transforming the most basic of rooms into something so Rock & Roll! Obviously they are also mobile so an investment you can transport with you from home to home for as long as you wish. 

My Favourite artists that use neon in their work are Tracey Emin, Rebecca Mason (who I'm super proud to be a dealer of her Neon Art limited edition prints), Lauren Baker, Martin Creed and the late Chris Bracey owner of the notorious Gods Own Junk Yard!


History of Neon

Bear with me while I full on geek out on you but personally I like a bit of history. The word neon comes from the greek "neos" meaning "the new gas". Neon gas was discovered back in 1898 by London based William Ramsey & M.W. Travers. French engineer, chemist and inventor Georges Claude was the 1st person to apply an electrical discharge to a sealed tube of neon gas (circa 1920) to create lamp. George displayed the first neon lamp to the public Dec 11th 1910 in Paris. Red is the colour neon gas produces. There are now over 150 colours possible, almost every colour other than red is produced using argon, mercury and phosphor. 

Last year I was lucky enough to attend a day workshop at the Neon Workshops in Wakefield. Where in a small group we learnt about the history of neon, the science behind how its made and how it works then we actually got to blow and bend glass tubes & take a professionally blown piece we designed on the day home with us, it was awesome! 

Neon for commercial 

Commercial usage was the main demand for neon up until a few decades ago. It was commonly used for outdoor advertising dubbed 'liquid fire'. Check these awesome images out that go way back to the 50s up to current times.

Neon in homes

Bespoke custom made pieces can also add the most personal and romantic vibes like this piece below designed by one of my fav artists that has used Neon many items for her work Tracey Emin. This stunning piece was custom designed for Tamara Eccleston. 


Heres some beautiful neon inspo from domestic interiors showcasing how effortlessly cool it really is! 

Neon Art prints

There is however an alternative to hanging some bright neon lighting. Neon Art prints. These are a brilliant way of celebrating the beautiful art of neon lighting by some artists without the hefty price tag and electrical hook up.

Neon shopping guide

Hope you enjoyed the neon inspo and facts heres a go to guide for purchasing your own neon be it glass blown, led or print form with some wicked discount codes bagged for our Style Squeeze readers. - Rebecca Mason Neon Art Prints 20% discount code: NEON - LED Neon lighting 20% discount code: #youareloved - Neon workshops + custom glass blown neon service


Thanks so much for reading hope you found it interesting! Love to hear your comments below. Please tag me in any pics of your neons!

Love Nickie x 













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