Can you believe that those letters are paper ? a bit of silver spray paint and touch of rust -it is all that it takes

Can you believe that those letters are paper ? a bit of silver spray paint and touch of rust -it is all that it takes

Hi Guys! I Hope you are making the most of your Bank Holiday weekend?  So Today in between Olivia throwing tantrums, Mr Grumpy complaining and dogs worshiping the counters i thought i show you very quick and easy diy- Cinnamon rust ! - yes you heard that one right !
I simply love rust patina and with just 2 things you can create and add "rust" to just about anything
The photo of the "rusty" letters you see above -are letters that are made from paper mashe - My husband (when he was still fit and able ) stuck them to the wall on our wedding day -long long time ago - we almost didn't get married as our rusty (no pun intended ) car wouldn't start , i was just about to give birth and it was hot - bad mix! - by the time we arrived at registry office most of the time they spent asking me if i am feeling all right - and rushed the ceremony through .... My fault really as i wanted to get married in Summer - what i didn't know is that i was already few weeks pregnant.
Sorry i am going off topic here (again) .Over the years I have tried adding "rust " that smells divine only for short amount of time (when its fully dry it doesn't smell of anything )- Just like my mother's pot puri for that matter -and it seem to work well each time - it is such a quick and easy way to update your "things" that you will be mad not to try it for yourself


As i didn't need any more paper mashe letters   - paper barn star for me is a great start - i will write a tutorial how to make those hopefully soon ;)
so all you need is :

  • cinnamon

  • wall paint (i used a random tester pot in dark grey , but burnt umber works beautifully too )

  • brush or kitchen sponge - as you be dabbing paint anyway so use what you got

    For Metal effect like my letters in the picture above - first spray the item with silver spray paint - then allow it to fry, dab a bit of dark grey wall paint here and there then use a cloth to wipe it off gently -that will dull off silver paint in places and your item will look move vintage- then follow the steps below


1- Depending on your preferences - dab paint where you want it - and if you paint to much just wipe it off ,work a little area at the time to ensure paint is wet and cinnamon can stick to it


2- Sprinkle cinnamon onto a desired area - handy tip - use some kind of paper underneath so you can re use cinnamon that fallen off - i didn't because i am an idiot ;)


3 -In places you can gently dab / press cinnamon into the paint so that area will be more grey /dark rust, don't worry if the paint comes off here and there - that is the beauty of it


Allow everything to dry and you are all done - if you are concerned that cinnamon can come off - spray it with a bit of Matt lacquer - although i never bothered .and mine haven't come off
so there you are paper rustic & rusty barn letter with a great rust look and texture

I hope you have enjoyed this 5 minute diy and if you have any questions please give me a shout , and as always any suggestions are welcome
Pati x

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