DIY- Dining table in 10 minutes (indoor or outdoor )

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Hi guys ! hope the the weather improved where you are ? Since it's summer - or so does the calendar say it is ! - i thought it be a good idea to post the simplest and quickest DIY you could do even with kids being off school ;) - 10 minute basic dining table - ours was made for the garden but you can make it for indoors as a dining table , desk , or console table - sky is the limit !
You can chose any wood for the top - for mine i used decking boards (flipped to a smooth side up)  only because a friend of mine given some decking to me . - Table was build around 4 years ago and it lasted very well , with no rusting to the legs , - it needs repainting only because i also use this table as a work bench ;)
So let's get started


  • Wood (you can use anything from decking to a scaffold boards ) - chose the length and width you want plus add 1-2 extra board so you can use it underneath
  • 2 x ikea Lerberg trestle legs   (at £5 each those are a steal! )
  • wood screws they need to be longer than a thickness of 1 board but not as long as the thickness of 2 boards
  • saw - you can use a hand saw ;)
  • measuring tape
  • screwdriver or drill with correct drill bit
  • pencil
  • Optional - wood stain in the color of your choice

      HOW TO :
      1 - Lay your boards flat on the ground ( top side down ) and keep them close together make sure you are happy with the length and width - if not measure correct length and mark each board then use a saw to trim the excess of wood
      2 - Once you are happy with your "top" measure the width of all the boards together - so you know how long you need the 3 support boards to be ( they are the pieces of wood underneath that will hold all your top boards together ) Mark the correct size and trim the wood-badly drawn picture below should explain how it all should look like :

       i cant draw but this will give you an idea of how underneath of the table should look like ;)

      i cant draw but this will give you an idea of how underneath of the table should look like ;)

      3 -from the side that your support boards are start screwing a screws into - the screws will ensure that the top boards are screwed in tightly and not fall down - Screws will also will not be visible from the top for a neater finish - i have spaced my boards away from the end of the table but that was just purely a personal preference ;)

      4 - assemble trestle legs and put the top on -and you are all done .

      I hope you have enjoyed this simple diy - there be more to come in upcoming weeks :)
      love Pati x

       finished table after 4 years of use

      finished table after 4 years of use

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