DIY Concrete Pots

DIY Concrete Pots

So if you follow my instagram you will know that one of my greatest loves in life are house plants, so naturally I love plant pots just as much! Concrete is one of my favourite materials to see in interiors, its so raw and industrial but can have a very luxe feel too. These concrete pots are super easy to make and look really effective. Better yet, there are endless possibilities for the shapes and designs you can make with them. 

What you need:

Concrete Mix

Mixing Bowl or bucket

Various Tubs (to use as a mould)

Vaseline or Spray oil

How to make:

The first thing you need to do is mix your concrete. There is no set ratio so you kind of have too play this by ear. At a rough Guess id say its about 1 cup of Concrete mix to every quarter cup of water.


The next step is to prepare your moulds. I used some old plastic containers and a juice carton. cut them so the top is open then cover the inside with vaseline or spray oil. Pour your concrete mix into the mould then place a smaller object inside to create a space for you plant to sit in.


Now the hard part, waiting for them to dry. Drying time varies but 24 hours is a good guideline.

Once the concrete has set your ready to pop them out the mould. now in an ideal world the pot should just pop straight out the mould but the reality can be somewhat different (as was the case for me). Chances are it will take a fair bit of knocking, banging, shouting and swearing before the concrete will eventually pop out. ]


Eventually, I had success and they came out of the mould. Id reccomend giving them another 1-2 hours to let the outside concrete fully dry and set. Once you've done this, your ready to paint. 


I wanted a half painted look so I used Duck Brand Masking tape and taped around the pot. I then used a sponge brush and painted white emulsion onto the pots.


Notice in the picture said tester pot is encased in concrete? well yeah, I may have accidentally used the wrong tester pot as a mould and now have it stuck!! Don't make this mistake!)

Once the paint dries, peel off the tape and your good to go. 

As allways, if you have a go at making these yourself, please post a pic on instagram and tag me (@jtcollings) or use #mystylesqueeze

Till next time, JT.

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