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Hi Guys - Today i would love to take you back to a September 2006 - a time when i embraced white walls black furniture and minimalist space - so you can see the process of how i got here ( bedroom is almost finished - well it is fully finished but in ideal world id love to replace lighting for something a little more natural )
Anyway - when we moved in whole place was painted in magnolia and we both hated it - so i painted the lot with white paint - we still hated it but at least it wasn't magnolia )- And i managed to pick few bargains- like an IKEA bed in our local "as is /bargain corner" IKEA store - it cost £20 - and supposed to be a double size - it turned out it was a IKEA king size - i still have the same bed , and all the furniture -i just updated them all as this was the cheapest way
So are you ready to see the before photo ?

Wardrobes and bedroom before

Wardrobes and bedroom before

fireplace 2017 (still waiting for an update)      and white one before

fireplace 2017 (still waiting for an update)      and white one before

So this was our finished bedroom in 2006 - Looking at it its nothing special , even white paint looks dull and unloved - we are also both surprised how our daughter managed to be born a whole year later .... but then again we didn't have a TV
 There are still few things that have to be changed here - like small update to the fireplace and so on . Instead on focusing on them - i will skip those - as no doubt I will write another post about it
Also hopefully next week i will show you how to do your own paneled wall - its super easy and it will save you a lot of money !

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          To Run down what i done in here over the years- i got to remind you that all furniture stayed the same  so here is what got done

          • Metal IKEA bed - this i chopped a little few years back after i have found a oversized headboard going cheap on eBay and decided to slightly up cycle it, and as i loved the bed- it was stable and i was being a bit of a tight arse myself - i used angle grinder and cut off foot-board and a headboard- you can do that with a hacksaw - but since i really got no time i went with the easier option - the holes left i sanded to remove any sharp bits and filled it with window/door - expanding foam then a little car filler - and spay paint - and job done This year i have updated my old mattress to an eve mattress - and i am telling you - it makes all the difference ( you can read my review here ) , bedding and pillows are also from eve ( you can read about the review here )
          • Dressing table - now this beauty was given to me by our friends - it was a little battered but well loved - so it started off as a white dressing table and with passing times it was - navy , grey, black, neon blue - and for past few years it have steadily managed to stay yellow :)
          • Bedside tables  - those always stayed black as my husband keeps knocking stuff onto them so its best if i don't paint them
          • Electric Fireplace -  I always wanted to have a fireplace - sadly there were none in the house so i had to improvise . This fireplace was an eBay find - that brought to life by using a discarded headboard as a hearth and ply board as a backing- all got painted white - now its black
          • Maroon carpet - what was i thinking!!!!! - well i ripped it out after about 7 years as i hated it from day one - IKEA used to sell laminate flooring and - since we had IKEA laminate downstairs and it held up well - i installed it in the bedroom - so far 4 years later its still looks like new
            I missed having something soft underfoot so when IKEA visited this summer for a photo shoot they brought me the stripy beauty
          • Wardrobes - i picked them as a great bargain and disliked the doors after a while - but my husband put his foot down and said " no painting , no wallpapering no changing the doors "  - No you say ? - that's where Pixers came in handy ! - i picked up a wardrobe sticker and after putting the dimensions of all 5 doors - 3 days and my stickers arrived -so i stuck them on;) and changed boring handles for hexagon ones from Trinca Ferro
            Pati -1   Husband -0

                The best styling trick i can share with you for the "full " looking bed is
                Use 2 duvet sets ! -
                Next time you are out shopping in the department stores have a look how they style their beds - most of them use 2 duvet cover sets . I also use one of the duvets to sleep under - I have a high tendency of rolling myself into the duvet looking like a sushi - leaving Mr Grumpy shivering from cold at night . So having 2 duvet cover sets works for us
                I am one of the unlucky people that cannot have a crisp white bedding On the show -Why you might ask - well i have 2 dogs that sometimes ( often ) run upstairs for a nap straight after a dog walk - One of them will go upstairs while i am busy wiping paws of the other one - So my main "sleeping" duvet is sadly never on Show . The crisp white duvet cover is from Folk x eve collection- be sure to check them out as detail is divine - just look at the set of PJ's


                Textures and layers have always been one of my favorites . I also cannot see a room without any pattern and colour - You wouldn't think thank pixers banana leaves wardrobe sticker would work with stripes - but it does ,and for extra punchlines @Sarahs_knits_and_bits ( shes due to change her shop name soon so i keep you updated )  chunky yellow blanket just adds that well needed colour pop - small update but it makes all the difference . Sarah is also very reasonably priced and makes anything from baby blankets , chunky cushions and bed runners - the sky is the limit

                Wardrobe sticker from Pixers was surprisingly easy to fit and i haven't had to take the doors off - It is thicker than a standard sticky back plastic (also known as Fablon) its a vinyl sticker and it comes in a huge choice of patterns and styles to suit you - as an example when i typed "leaf" and selected only a wardrobe sticker it came up with 113655 options - so yes there is a sticker for every wardrobe , and if colour combination isn't right -email the team as they are very helpful and accommodating - and they will adjust the colors to your liking .Plus they are super fast at shipping your sticker . Besides stickers they offer removable wallpaper , range of stickers from windows and door to a fridge ! ( both sticker and paper are ideal if you are a renter of just change your mind often ) and fantastic wall art ,

                My wardrobes had those long-ish and not so nice looking handles - and since i am a bargain hunter i came across another company who have a huge selection of handles in any colour or style at a reasonable price -Trinca Ferro design. It took me a while to narrow down the type and design of the handles i liked -as there were so many we both loved . Eventually we settled on copper hexagon ones - i was a little worried they might not look good with the sticker -as i have learned in the past that not everything you see in the photo is true to colour- in this case it was true to what we saw online and fitted perfectly well - they are also well made - i dropped them few times because i am clumsy and they survived


                Now for the fun part !
                Pixers team  ( also known on instagram as @pixersize) have prepared you a surprise gift to one of the lucky winner in a form of Wall art - now i dont even know what there are but i was assured they are amazing !
                To be in a chance of winning please complete the following
                1-Follow @pixersize on instagram
                2- On my Instagram post tag as many friend as you wish to be in the chance of winning (more you tag the greater the chance of winning )
                3- for extra entries like us on facebook

                Competition will run till Sunday 1st of October and winner will be picked at random and announced on Monday x Good luck everyone
                Winners of Pixers giveaway are



                • This giveaway was made in collaboration with Pixers -All photos and views are my own.-Thank you so much for making this giveaway possible x
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                  Sarah's Knits and Bits -  for the touch of chunky wool cushions and blankets

                  Pati x