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Sleep problems affect an ever increasing amount of people . Our pace of life is increasing, we have more and more stress, which is not irrelevant in terms of quality of rest. If you happen to be unable to sleep or you wake up several times in the night, you certainly know what i am talking about .
Today i would love to talk with you on how Britain sleeps and with a help of sleep gurus at eve-who believe that “Every great day starts with the night before.” . Myself and Mr.Grumpy ( ok Mr. grumpy is heavily medicated for his beddy byes -so i skip him form this post) ... So since I followed eve simple steps for a better night sleep - I do sleep better , which in terms results in a better start of the day - unless i am woken up by an air horn or shaken awake at silly o clock by my daughter asking if i seen certain Lego character ( that its guaranteed i step onto while frantically searching for it )

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So how does Britain sleep ? - well eve conducted a poll on 2 000 British sleepers and thanks to them they concluded that there is in fact a recipe for a better night sleep . I also went on insta quest to find out how my insta friends are sleeping and how this compares to eve findings

in eve survey 44% of Brits - admit they do sleep much better when their partner isn't in bed with them - with this point i agree , as much as i like cuddles i value my own space and body temperature ;)
 I sleep better when i don't cuddle for too long. We got a IKEA king size bed with eve mattress which is amazing - but i find myself constantly on the edge of the bed as my husband wants to cuddle up to me all night long so i tend to move and move and move till i reach the very end of the bed and fall of it- at times i think some kind of bed divider would be amazing.But i am not alone :

Beth from @my_home_impression summed up her night sleep perfectly " starfish face down and i'd rather sleep on my own!!"

Louise from @home.of.four also agrees and said "i really like my own space. I don't like cuddling in bed really. Half the time i wish i had my own bed completely to myself as i love to sprawl out that much . Duck feather pillows -all year around and no socks ever in bed "

Danielle from @daniellellp says: " I very much like my own space...after a cuddle and i love to read or look at insta "

Deb from @pearlgrey7 on the other hand loves "cheeky cuddle before sleep"

Another interesting finding was that we value our peace and quiet when drifting off to sleep. As a wife to a loud snoring husband - i think his snoring hugely impacted on a fact that i sleep better on my own :) -If you feel the same - you are not alone !   4 in 10 British sleepers cannot fall asleep if room isn't completely dark ,  quarter can’t drop off unless there’s a total absence of noise . Also three in ten say their partner’s incessant snoring is what keeps them lying awake at night.

Rachel from @raspberry_flavoured_windows also "cannot sleep without blackout curtains and no blue lights from things on standby , I also got that weird thing - that just as i go to sleep my whole body spasms- so if my husband is snoring i pretend to do it so it wakes him up "

Having a good bed time routine that relaxes us before going to bed definitely helps , be i a good book , cup of tea or a relaxing bath - just to unwind- most importantly find something that works for you and Do it Your way . Kick start your evening routine by repeating the same activities at bedtime every night Shower, brush and brushing my teeth, favorite pajamas and a book to read. After a few days you will realize that falling asleep will not be much of aproblem for you. Your brain will become accustomed that its time to sleep . And you feel relaxed

Jen from @jensworld13 loves "having a bath an hour before before going to bed every night - i find it relaxes me , and helps to switch of my brain "

@fringe_and_fray besides "i like space and never cuddled , but i can sleep on my own or with hubby as have to do both i also prefer to read before bed "

I am also guilty of spending time on social media or reading news on my mobile right before going to bed- which often results in a broken night sleep , as i tend to dwell on things . It seems i am not alone in this -One in four Brits can’t even remember the last time they had a good night’s sleep . Half of the nation believe they’re more irritable after a poor night’s sleep, and one in five admit they’re more likely to eat junk food and are even prone to nodding off during the day

Sharon from @the_arched_windows also "sleeps terribly , and only need about 4 hours of sleep, so I'm usually awake by 3 in the morning "

@bob_and_bear on the other hand "needs an episode of Family Guy on in the background to drift off - mainly it's all about routine - I can find it hard to switch off - also a couple Kalms help! "

Kyla from @kylamagrathinteriors summed the whole eve findings in one sentence "Well I'm usually on my phone on Instagram before I fall asleep. Definitely prefer duvet but I keep my feet out on the sides. I fall asleep on my back like a star fish so i need space. Cuddles in bed are nice but not when I'm falling asleep. I Get too hot otherwise " 


There are few simple changes you can make to improve your sleep quality. Thanks to eve findings they have been able to create a simple 9 step plan to improve Your night sleep

HOW TO HAVE THE PERFECT NIGHT’S SLEEP thanks to eve nine point plan

  • Go to bed at 22:39 - or any other time just make sure you get 8 hours of sleep -depending on your biological clock - but a good sleeping routine will eventually help your internal body clock to adjust and it will help you to drift off peacefully
  • Ensure your room temperature is 16.1 degrees Celsius - Researches have recommend that the temperature in the bedroom is around 16 degrees Celsius, but - it all depends on you and what suits you best .When you get too cold or too hot, you start to sweat or tremble, and that means you will not sleep well or you will end up tossing and turning
  • Put on clean bedding - It is worth mentioning how important for good sleep is taking care of the clean sheets. Many of us are unaware of the negative impact not only on health, but also on our rest, not to mention invisible to the naked eye mites. Clean bedroom is a must
  • Make sure the room is totally dark, painted white, and tidied  - eve poll have shown that many Brits have trouble falling asleep when room is light - invest in good blinds or curtains , and again that having a light painted room helps us waking up refreshed -as a dark interior lover myself - i personally don't mind waking up in a darker room ;)
  • Avoid your phone for 37 minutes before sleep - Light emitted by screens and monitors REALLY disturbs the natural rhythm of sleep. Therefore, if you have problems falling asleep, do not watch tv before bed , and try not use a tablet or a phone. If you have to check something on your smartphone, make sure its screen is dimmed.
  • Wear pyjamas - nothing better than slipping into clean and comfortable pair of pj's
  • Read a few pages of a paper book (not an e-reader ) -You might wonder what is the difference ? Well - Researchers from Brigham and Boston have examined how late reading on a glowing devices is affecting your sleep . Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) shows that lighting up late on e readers and contact with glowing devices lowers melatonin levels in the body - a neurotransmitter regulating the sleep and wake rhythm.They have conducted a 2 week long experiment lasted two weeks. -12 volunteers divided onto 2 groups - first group read a book on the iPad four hours before going to sleep, They did so for half of the experiment- then for the remaining duration they read paper books. In the second group the other way round: first paper, then iPad. - conclusion-Tablet users had more problems falling asleep, their REM sleep phases were shorter, and in the morning they felt less rested - even when they slept eight hours. Their organism produced less melatonin. These problems decreased considerably when the dream preceded reading a paper book.
  • Sleep on your right side, with legs curled up -its British public favorite position ;)

  • Don’t cuddle up with your partner -just read what my instagram friends and eve sleeper's had to say :)

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