DIY - Leather handles 4 ways

DIY - Leather handles 4 ways

I wanted to write this post for ages , but with me being as always disorganized and my local diy store not having the mushroom bolts i used last time -  i will make do with what i got
This diy is very easy to do and very cost effective as leather handles aren't cheap , plus if you want to make a drawer pull exact for your specifications things get even more trickier and often pricey
The principle of making a handle is very easy once you make one the possibilities of use are endless - from tray handles to magazine racks


Materials :

  • nuts and bolts of your choice , you can also use nails and pins depending where the handle is going - as my local diy store sold out with a smooth mushroom type i went with hexagon ones

  • leather - you can buy strips of leather on ebay - or better shop your own home for old leather belts or a charity (goodwill) shop

  • drill with a hss drill bit ,craft knife or leather hole punch -all of them do the job just fine so take your pick ;)

  • scissors

  • ruler

  • pen

  • spray paint (optional ) if you want to change the colour of the bolts if your diy store is as poorly stocked as mine is ;)


How to :

To make any handle , magazine holder or a drawer pull

1- Measure how long you want the handle or a drawer pull to be  - bare in mind the folded handle will be half the size smaller or if you are making a fancy fold handle it be 3/4 the overall size of the strip of leather - for a magazine holder you will need a longer piece of leather
2- cut the leather strip
3 - determinate how far do you want your holes to be from the edge of handle - i chosen 1 cm and marked it
4 - to have holes centered - half the overall width of the leather strip and mark it
5- using a ruler and a pen join the 2 marks at the straight edge  -  (for drawer pulls and simple folded handles repeat step 3 and 4 on the other side)
6 - start punching the holes , or drill them in - in the end i opted for a drill as it was faster ;)


Furniture Handles :
1 - To make a simple folded handle or a magazine holder you need 2 punched holes simply fold the leather in half and put your chosen bolt through it
2 - to make a drawer pull ( bare in mind mine was only made as a temporary measure to show you - you also need 2 evenly  punched holes and do not fold it put 2 chosen bolts or screws through it and secure to your chosen cabinet or drawer
3 - to make a fancy fold handle - you need 3 holes - first fold the handle as the first photo in a 3rd row shows and mark your first hole - drill through the lot and add a bolt or your chosen fixing


Tray or chopping board handle
1 you will need a piece of leather , nails or pins and a hammer
2 - cut the leather a little bigger so it forms a handle
3 - hammer your pins in
4 - as picture shows my example chopping board hangs ;)


 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as i enjoyed making it and that you find it helpful
Pati xx

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