DIY Rustic wooden bead Garland

DIY Rustic wooden bead Garland

This must be the easiest decor you can make , it would look fantastic on a Christmas Tree well as a regular home decor and it is so much cheaper to make it yourself than to buy it in the stores , i needed to make a super long garland for my daughter Christmas tree and you can make a 3meter long one for just under £15 so its a bargain considering that you can buy 1.5 meter long on etsy for £40 - (so thats £80 for 3 meters!!! )
So lets start

1woodgarland jpg.jpg

Materials :
300 - 18mm beads - but you can use bigger , smaller and smaller quantity - i bought mine in packs of 100 from eBay Chinese seller here
Garden string / jute string - any pound shop will have those


How to
There isn’t much to it really - i have started threading the wooden balls onto the string without cutting it as i didn’t know how long i need the string to be so i did not cut it and i was just threading the beads until i filled the garland in full


Once you finished threading all the beads on you can tie it all with a loop on each end so you can re use this garland and hang it of the fireplace , wall etc
And this my friends is it ;) Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Tutorial
Love Pati x

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