DIY - Industrial window mirror the easy way

DIY - Industrial window mirror the easy way

Lets be honest here - industrial inspired window mirrors are pricey - with a same size mirror selling for over £200 - today we are going to make one for £15 - and its mega easy , as i understand not everyone is good at wood working , but we all can make a few straight-ish cuts, i also spotted a mirror in Dunelms for a £10 in a size H 73cm x W 53cm x D 3cm - which was a perfect size for what i needed this time, you can make your mirror from scratch too , or upcycle the one you have already so lets get cracking ;)

mirror before

mirror before

Materials :
Mirror - i have used this one from Dunelms
softwood stripwood -the kind you would use in finishing moulding etc - in a size 10.5 mm high x 15mm wide and 2400 mm long
paint of your choice - i used a rustoleum all purpose black spray paint , but you can use any paint
a little bit of glue - can be a no nail type , orany type of strong glue
pencil , hand saw , measuring tape


How To :

Starting from a vertical piece ( or pieces depending on your size of the mirror ) measure the length of the piece you need mark it and cut it , then find the center of the frame by measuring the top length and halve it - this is where your vertical piece will eventually go


“Dry fit” the vertical piece first and the secure it in place - do not glue it yet , then measure the space between end of the frame to the vertical piece and start cutting your required amount for the horizontal pieces - for this size frame i cut 4 pieces


Next take all your cut pieces and paint them , i have painted them from all sides (just in case )as they are going against mirror who will reflect a little from the underneath , and let paint dry


Once paint is dry , it is time to assemble all your wood pieces onto the mirror , i only added glue to the sides of every piece as opposed to a mirror itself as i am paranoid a glue would show and i did not have a clear glue at hand ;)


And thats it - you just made a mirror - wasn’t it easy ?
If you have any questions please do let me know and i hope that you enjoyed this quick and easy diy
Love Pati x

1amirror .jpg
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