DIY - Rustic wooden cake stands


There are some seriouesly talented people out there - and Today guest blog post is by Yvonne @sixat21 - a queen of rustic ! She has created this fantastic cake stand using just a wooden candle holder and a chopping board - I was so over the moon when Yvonne agreed for me to show her one of many DIYs and before she changes her mind -lets get cracking i mean making


Materials :
To make your rustic cake stand you need
* a wooden candle holder , a table leg even - you can get those in any shop , but its cheaper to pick them up in the second hand store
* wooden round chopping board of your choice - also my go to is ebay
* wood glue
* saw
* piece of round wooden dowel ( shops like bq sell it ) - or you can simply use an extra strong * * glue to attach those in places - dowel tho makes it even more secure
* measuring tape
* optional wax


How To :
Start by cutting your chosen candlestick into 3 pieces at your chosen height - so from the base and the top you can create 2 cake stands ( perfect ;) )


on the round chopping board - underneath it -mark the center for where dowel will go - then using a drill with the correct size for the dowel width -drill bit pre drill the hole in the chopping board making sure you do not drill through the other side - we do not want the dowel to be visible - so only pre drill a little not to deep
then give the chopping board ( on the good side) , and your cut candle stick a quick sand down to smooth it and id candle holder got paint on -to remove most of the paint , and set it all aside


Now the fun Part ;) we are going to repeat the same steps on the candlestick base ( i mean the top of it ) - so mark the center hole and this time you can drill a little deeper - once you done that add some wood glue


Now its time to put your dowel in , it will be to big to attach the base to the top so shorten it by sewing some of it off


For the final Fitting apply wood glue all over the dowel and the top of your “base: and attach the top to it , don’t forget to wipe off excess of glu e , once it all sets as optional you can apply wax Yvonne used here Annie Solan dark wax
and you are all done thank you so much Yvonne for sharing your mind blowing creation with us dont forget to check Yvonne Instagram where she shares more of her amazing projects
Love Pati x

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