Prepare your home for guests- festive dining space edit


With Christmas just around the corner - Maisons du monde wanted to find out how we prepare for guests at our home - which is actually a perfect timing as my mum will be here in just few days .
So i have prepared an eclectic festive dining table edit - The thing about Maisons du monde is - they have so many products and its so hard to pick just one favorite here , and in my home we are always do a Christmas in more relaxing setting - it makes our guests also relaxed and feel at home - So mixing and matching was the key element here .
Before i talk more about my Dining table Christmas edit id love to give you a few tips on how to make your home ready for “ new arrivals : :)


Getting your home ready for guests to stay and making them feel welcome starts from the moment they enter your home , make sure that your guests have a place to hang their coats and put their shoes , i also try and have a spare few pairs of slippers at the ready , we also prepare a mini guest box - that contains few beauty products like shampoo , conditioner , shower gel , hand cream and set of towels so it is one thing less your guests have to pack into their suitcases when their leave their homes to stay at yours.If you have a spare bedroom - maybe leave some space in the chest of drawers for your visitors to unpack and put their clothes away ( if they want to ) , and finally make sure tat you know if your guests are allergic to anything or their food preferences and stock up on their favorites.


This year we are aiming for more rustic and slightly relaxed dining experience but still festive - so if you would like to get the look of my dining table set up , and even if you don’t have a dedicated dining space you can create one however big or small in your living room like i did.
so lets get started shall we ?

1- the Table
I made the table myself , but Maisons Du Monde have got you covered - here are 2 of my favorite industrial inspired options that would go well in your small dining spot or a dining room

Archibald Solid mango wood and metal dining table W 170cm
If you have space for it this piece is just perfect solid mango wood top and those beautiful castors on the bottom


Edison Black Metal Adjustable Round Dining Table Bistro D 110 cm
If space is an issue here then this round industrial number is for you , i just love the crank handle that can be used to adjust the height of your table - now that is clever design and if you have a disabled family member very handy especially for a wheelchair to fit comfortably


2 - The Chairs
I love the mismatched look where literally anything goes for a truly eclectic look . You can pair industrial inspired furniture with more classic chairs as well so bellow i put few of my favorites

Austerlitz -Leather Industrial Chair in Brown
(as pictured below and in my home )
A dining chair, a desk chair , a side chair ? - this is by far the most eyecatching chair i seen - it will soon be living in an attic room i be re doing to become my office , but this Christmas its going to be our dining chair


Picpus - Camel calfskin and metal chair
I love the metal mesh design complete with a leather seat cushion for extra comfort - in my opinion this little number is a perfect companion - and looks like it came straight from the factory :)


Mauricette -Green Vintage Chair with Solid Birch
If you dont want to have to much steel check this deep green beauty out - its a stunningly crafted chair in deep green fabric that looks comfortable and that green will add a lovely pop of color -


3 - On the table
Why not having a little fun with mixing and matching as well ?
for my table set up i have opted for a pop of blue and a touch of white and gold that goes so well with natural wood , tan and greenery - To get the look here are my to go pieces

Tokyo Blue Stoneware Plate
This slightly speckled plate - is just beautiful behind words , it has a hand made look and each feels unique and well made - plates come in packs of two and a great value for money -


Bourgeoisie earthenware plate in white
Classic French design , and for some reason reminds me of Christmases in Poland where my Nana used to take out her best crockery -this plate is beautifully finished with very intricate design - plates are also sold in packs of two and you can


Matte Gold Cutlery Set of 24
I love Matte cutlery and this gold set will fit in any style you might have , it is beautifully finished and i adore this modern take on classic design -


Carat blue wine glass
The Design of this wine glasses is stunning i love the traditional cut glass design with a pop of blue - you cant go wrong with this beauty -


Cassiopea glass tumbler in grey
Maisons du monde came up tops with this cool tumbler , for some reason it reminds me of a squashed plastic cup - and it is so much fun , and no doubt it be a huge hit and a talking piece


Omega - Beige Cotton Napkin and Napkin Ring with Silver Star Motifs
atm i am obsessed with star design and those beautifully finished cotton napkins are a must to finish any table settings


4 - Accessorize
Setting the mood with few accessories for me is a must - i have tried to incorporate real greenery in this photo , but i be honest with you here - moody teen managed to pinch it for her project , and i also love (faux) greenery and candles so those are something that every festive table should have to finish of the table

Oak Pine Cone Candle Holder
I love to accessorize my table with things that i can use all year around and i have fallen in love with this beautiful candle holder - they are so well made and look beautiful on the table -


Scott -Glass and Birch Heart Print Cut Out Candle Holder
Another rustic and natural candle holder and a perfect match for oak pinecone one is Scott - it gives such a beautiful glow and glass casing will keep your flame contained -


Frosted Artificial Pine Branch
I am a huge fan of artificial greenery , once you buy it you can re use it it year after year and it lasts longer ;) - this pine branch caught my eye as it would look great on the table -


Artificial Holly Branch
Holly is an ultimate Christmas greenery for me - it would look fantastic layered over the table with the pine branch or you could put it in the vase to create beautiful display -


White Porcelain Christmas Hanging Decorations
Hanging decorations as a part of a table decor ? why not ! they will look great on the tree or on the table , they are beautifully finished and classic white design will look chic anywhere -


I hope you enjoyed my Eclectic take on Christmas dining table , this would not be possible without generosity of Maisons du Monde who was kind enough to supply me with some of the products - i honestly cannot wait for Christmas now
Please take a look at whole range of Maisons du Monde products at

Love Pati xx