DIY Painted Christmas baubles

DIY Painted Christmas baubles

I am not exactly good at painting intricate patterns here , so my intricate patterns might not be up to standard , but - i wanted to show you today how you can re use your Christmas ornaments rather than buying new.
Over the years i have noticed how often my friends are changing their Christmas tree decs - mostly the change was the “ pops of colour” - i do change mine but rather than throwing my old decor i re use it - those baubles here were silver - i had them for 12 years and some of other ones were re sprayed yearly to a new colour -I believe strongly in re using what you got first before going out and buying new
So today “DIY” will be more of “shop your home” and grab some paint ;)


Old Christmas ornaments / baubles
Spray paint - i have used a rustoleum mat black paint but you can use it in any colour
wooden skewers
old box
optional paint marker from ebay


How to:
Put wooden skewers through the box and remove the bauble caps/tops so they wont get covered in paint


put the baubles on the skewers for easy repaint - and depending on if you want an ombre effect paint just a little of the bauble or in my case spray it evenly on whole of the bauble


Now the fun ( or not so fun ) part - using paint marker - paint your own pattern - i went for something really simple as you can see i cant draw for the love of me a straight line ;)
let it all dry and you are all done
This is one of the simplest diy you can do with your kids and it saves throwing old decks out
hope you like it
Love Pati x

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