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Hi guys before i even start like to add that i am not a tech(y) person so what i will write next is based on my own experience with my old laptop to compare to and i might or might not use not so techy words ;) . We had Acer Swift 7 SF714-51T for good while now with us - kindly supplied by , and in short as name suggest it is very swift - it starts instantly , and its one of the lightest and slimmest notebooks atm - which is brilliant as if you are a student or use one for work - it is an ideal companion and it wont weigh you down - it kind of feels like you are not carrying anything and its really surprising when you first take it out of the box as to how light it is -3.12 Kg to be precise .


Out the box
Acer have yet again delivered on a quality product the sleek black aluminum body , and touch screen display and a light up keyboard and a fingerprint scanner to keep your acer secure .
14 inch display is big enough and clear thanks to a full HD display , built in camera. I havent changed a laptop for years but what i have noticed that also ports have changed to a newer usb 3.1 ( type c ) which i think is why it allows this notebook to be this slim.
It is worth pointing that - if your accessories that need to be plugged into the laptop have the older (standard) usb port - Acer have also got you covered - they have included a plug in adapter , something that usually you would have to pay for . There is also a case for your acer provided in the box so you can pack it when not in use or when you take it out with you .


Acer swift 7 with the inter core i7 processor and 10 h battery life , performs smoothly , starts very quickly which is a welcome change from my ancient laptop that takes forever to start ,
It also can withstand the demanding work task as well as watching movies - i haven’t tried it for gaming as we dont really play games , i can also add that it handles multi tasting with ease - you can listen to music white editing photos .Full HD display really shows the clarity and colours beautifully
As mentioned the 10 h battery life is a great bonus as you can get the work done ( or watch a movie ) without the need to be constantly plugged in , i do love the backlit keyboard as i often use the laptop in the evenings and not always want to have lights on
Finger print security is a really fun feature and its very responsive - i think all laptops should have this feature built in as standard as its an extra bit of security


Touch screen takes a while getting used to as i seem to forget its there ;) but when i do remember to use it it id a joy to use when “ clicking” and accessing apps and programs .
Touch pad is is of a good size compared to the laptop and unlike my old laptop the area that you normally use to use as a “left and right mouse button “ isnt there , but as the touch pad is very sensitive so you can perform those actions by tapping on the touch pad . i for one always use a extra mouse so i don’t really use a touch pad as much


What can i say - this laptop is so much faster than my ancient one and if you are looking for a work horse that is also light and well made then this beauty is for you , i was pleasantly surprised that laptop came with the case and usb extension ports and it seems like acer have got everything covered for you so you do not have to buy anything else , after using it for photo editing as well as cheeky bit of Netflix i found it to not slow down at all , it is safe to say that Acer Swift is living up to its name well
It is a pricey laptop , but i think the price reflects the built in quality as well as finish and extras - i also have a feeling that its build to last and it will serve our family well for years to come .
If you would like to purchase this model please visit here
Id like to thank for kindly letting me to have a good go at the lastest Acer Swft 7 :)
Love Pati x

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