DIY Wooden Christmas tree bauble holders

DIY Wooden Christmas tree bauble holders

This is one of the Easiest and fastest DIY you can ake - they make fantastic table and window display and cost pennies to make - i made mine from scrap of wood - you can go as thin or as thick as you like with the wood , and as you know already we are doing a no spend Christmas so i used what i had - right down to a wire that makes for the hook ;)
So lets get cracking


Scraps of thin wood ( or you can buy some in b&q
hot glue and glue gun
hook ( or wire heheh )
measuring tape ( but those were done by eye)
saw - or anything that you can cut the wood with


How to
Cut 3 pieces of wood to make a “triangle shape” and dry fit it - like it looks on the photo above


add some hot glue in places where wood has to join in and wait a little while until glue sets


Once your “triangle” is glued its time to make a stand (trunk) - cut 2 shorter than the base of the triangle piece of wood and set aside


apply a strip of glue onto one piece and join them together wait till the glue set


As a last thing you have to attach your triangle tree to its base , using a hot glue apply a thin strip to the top of the wood and attach the trangle , hold it for a few minutes till the glue sets and on the back of the tree attach a hook or in my case - bent wire
And this is it :) you are done
Hope you liked the tutorial
Love Pati

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