DIY -Qucik Guide on drying whole oranges

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This will be mega quick guide & The shortest blog post ( so sorry for the lack of images i managed to drop my phone in the river …. don’t ask )
But as the how to is easy - you don’t rally need a photo ;) -You can dry just about any fruit in the oven (if you do not have a dehydrator ) but as whole oranges / lemons/ and limes are the most popular when decorating for Christmas -its best to use those ;)
How To
With a sharp knife, I made eight cuts down the side of the fruit leaving half an inch or so from the top and from the bottom, to keep the fruit together. you need to remember to cut through all the white part of the fruit's skin so the fruit can dry out completely. 
Once your fruit is cut - put them on a tray and into our oven on the lowest heat 60 -80 C - for 12 h ( i left mine overnight )then check them if they are dry - if not turn leave the fruit in the oven for another few hours - until dry - sounds excessive - but cos temp is low you will avoid burned fruit - so the lower the temp the better check on them often as the lemons and limes will dry out quicker than the oranges, and its important to rotate the tray so the fruit will dry evenly
And that’s it - told ya that the blog post going to be short ;)
Love Pati x

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