DIY Air dry clay Christmas Tree tealights

DIY Air dry clay Christmas Tree tealights

This DIY is one of my absolute favorites and its so easy to make - baring in mind that you are looking for perfectly imperfect clay cones ;) if you seek perfection- it can be done using this tutorial - just not by my 2 hands ;)
So lets crack on

  • Materials
    Air drying clay - in the colour of your choice i used white
    Paper - card paper will work better
    Sellotape (aka sticky tape ;)
    rolling pin


How To
1 - the easiest way to create a cone is to simply roll an A4 piece of paper in a cone shape and secure it with sticky tape ;)


2- once you created a cone and its secured with tape - cut the excess of uneven paper of the bottom so the cone is actually straight ;) mine was not as i am useless at crafts. you can cut as little or as much off the bottom as you like to create different sized trees


3 -Once you got your cones it is time to start rolling out your clay - don’t do it too thinly cos the tree will have to be able to stand up on its own - i done my by eye ;)


4 - Now the not so fun part - roll your clay onto a cone , cut off the excess of clay and with the wet fingers close the seams so they become smooth and blend in so the seam “dissapears”


5 - While your “tree” is still on the cone , grab a straw and start making holes in it - then once you are done gently separate your tree from the cone and soft the “frillyness” that got created on the bottom while you swore to your heart content and separated the tree from the paper cone -leave it to dry 24h or more depending on how thick you made your trees and you are done x

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