DIY - make your own envelope cofee sack cushion

DIY - make your own envelope cofee sack cushion

Hi Guys , Today i am bringing you a basic guide to making your own cushion - bare in mind i used a sewing machine twice maybe 3 times , my husband bought me ikea sewing machine for Christmas few years back and it was sitting there gatering dust as i never sewn before so i didn't want to try it out - that was up untill hubby disability sower went in - and chocice of extra long curtains was - white or white - so i had to improvise
Cut a long story short - to set up and use sewing machine i used very handy video guide that ikea published on youtube - you can watch the whole playlist here
( i believe that the guide apply to all swing machines so if you got one and are as clueless as i am watch it - as if i can do it anyone can )


Sewing machine @ thread  or a needle and a thread
pen and measuring tape
fabric of your choice i went with coffee sack


How to :
for the front
You can go the easy route and use old cushion case as a guide allowing extra  1 inch  from every side for  sewing ,
you can also measure your fabric and also allow 1 inch extra


For the back
For the envelope style i have cut 2 pieces that are 3/4 th of the total leght of fabric - in other words - more than a half so they overlap , make sure you hem them - what hemming is - fold a little bit of a fabric over and sew over it - it gives a nicer finish and will prevent your piece of fabric from shredding


Sewing - now the easy part ( easy for me to say as i finished mine hehhe )  - sew all pieces together making sure back is overlapping  i usually start from attaching top piece , them bottom piece and do the sides together x


trun the cushion case inside out and you just made yourself a cushion - put a filling pad of your choice and you are all done


I hope you enjoyed this toturial , id love to see your creations
Love Pati x

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