Hi guys Pati here , we received a lot of comments from people who would love to do a projects but are afraid to use a power tool or simply do not how to use one safely - I have been thinking of doing a series of short videos explaining how to use a power tools and with a National Home Improvement week already in a full swing i thought i start the series of videos now -  starting from most basic tool that you will be using the most - A Drill - i have created a simple video (that hopefully will get an update as soon as my camera is back from the repairs ) - to hopefully encourage you to try and use one .
One thing that i learned over the years is how to be able to do things myself and not rely on anyone to help me , also being a budget conscious person i strongly believe in trying things first before i pay someone else to do it for me . 
There are still a lot of people that do not do any DIY - and i feel that this have to change - with a little bit of will power and practice - you be able to pretty much do anything - from hanging a picture to making your headboard - there be no stopping you
I hope this video can help you in any way - and if there is something you want me to video please let me know either via comments or email and i try my best to deliver ;)
Love Pati

You can find more about National Home Improvement week with even more tips and how to videos here

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