Hi guys , i have written this tutorial thanks to National Home Improvement week - although i am a week late myself ( thanks to late delivery of wood and snow plus a hick up with a decking )
I hope you find this how to handy - i just literally finished building it and had no time to style it - it took me 2 days to finish it and i never build one before .
I have always wanted a pergola but as my deck space is non standard size buying one is not an option ( plus what fun would it be to just buy one - none )
As mentioned before i never build one as i was always put off by fancy cuts so i decided to design my own - kind of like a minimalist pergola that is made all with straight cuts and a lot of L shaped brackets

To start - this is my plan of action

To start - this is my plan of action

You do not need any fancy power tools to do it just a drill will do , i have used powertools purely to speed the build up and as i was doing it by myself - clamps where my best friend
4 x  4x4 posts  standard pergola height is between 245 and 255 cm high
9x 4x1 boards in the length if your choice
24 - angle brackets also known as L shaped brackets
(optional - bolt down supports x 4 plus bolts - but it turned out lshape brackets would have been enough )
measuring tape , pencil , spirit level , right angle , clamps (if you work alone) and hammer - that i never used haha
for cutting wood  - you can use handsaw , reciprocating saw or miter saw they all do same thing
Paint of your choice - i have used cuprinol garden shades in black ash


How to
1- You need to determinate what size of pergola you need - if yours will be up to 3 meter in length and width you only will need 4 posts - for aything larger you will need extra 2 posts to support the beams
2- mark your space for the posts to stand on - as i am planning to build a cover around bolt downs post supports i used an offcut of decking for them to stand on - this is optional
if you are using L shaped brackets make sure to secure them in their chosen spot first


3 Mark where your post supports /L shaped brackets are going to stand and pre drill a hole using smaller than a bolt or screw - drill bit to allow the screw to go in without splitting wood


4 - bolt down /screw down your supports /angle brackets


5 - Now it is the time to attach your 4 posts - to make sure they are level and will not move about before we add roof boards - using any wood pieces screw them onto your leveled posts to keep them in place - you might be lucky and wont need them - i have a child and 2 dogs so yes i did need them ;)


6- Now the fun part - and easiest part really - trim your 4x1 roof board to a required size (it needs to be as long as 2 outside posts)- and attach it outside your two posts using L shaped brackets , if you work on your own clamp the board  on one side and then start screwing it from the other side

thats one side

thats one side

7 - do this to all the sides untill your roof frame is done


8 - now it is time to attach horizontal roof boards -for a 3 meter pergola you will need 5 roof boards - those will be screwed to the inside of your roof frame - start with a centre board and work outwards - to make sure its in the right centre measure the space from one side of the roof frame to the other and mark it then install your bracket - do the same to the opposite side


9 - now its the time to attach your board


10 - attach rest of the roof boards to your pergola and optional start painting


11- If yo want to build a slatted screening you will need some long and thing wood pieces i used 1x1 size - for my pergola i used 40 if them
To start off you need to screw 3 1x1 pieces to your lenght of  pergola posts  either side and one in the middle - to attach middle piece simply screw it to your pergola roof frame and then drive a screw at an angle into your decking


to measure measure the length of your horizontal slats simply measure from post to post - minus 2 mlilimeters to give you some breathing space and start screwing your slats from top to bottom


If you are working alone simply clamp your wood slats to the middle vertical piece of wood


once you finished - sit back and relax


I would love to give a massive thanks to everyone who cheered me on on my Instagram stories ,through snow , decking replacement and this pergola build  ,Tiffany McGurk who went above and beyond with supplying me with timber and being so patient , National Home Improvement week - who are here to show and inspire you to take on diy , Cuprinol - for their amazing garden shades paint , and Cult Furniture who supplied me  with tolix style chairs - i can confirm that after months of bad weather those still looking new !
This build would have not been possible without all of you
I hope you find this diy helpful in any way


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