DIY make a wooden planter or a raised bed from scratch

DIY make a wooden planter or a raised bed from scratch

Hi Guys this is one of my weekend projects that i shown you you over my instagram stories - it wasn't a planned blog post hence why the toturial is in a form of a video , but since many of you asked for me to re-post it i thought this will be the best place to put it - i apologize for the photos in advance , but then again who cares about the photos when you want to learn to make your own planter ;)
I have made this planter for the shady spot in my garden ( that also covers my neighbor wonky wall ;) out of scraps of wood that were left from the pergola build and it was enough to create a long planter that fits the exact space that was asking to be covered . And in a few years plants should be big enough too ( i hate the wait )


To make this planter all you need is

  • Wood - in a size that is right for your planter -i used a mixture of deck boards and outdoor treated boards that were left over from another project

  • screws

  • measuring tape

  • pencil or marker pen

  • saw - hand or electric (gloves and eye protection will be needed if you are using electric drill )

optional - paint or wood stain


In this tutorial you can make an easy planter or a raised bed ( basically skip adding the wood to the bottom ) - that can be either simple or with added decorative trim -that again i failed to video but its basically 4 pieces of wood screwed to the top you can either cut the corners at 45 degree angle or keep them straight   Paint is optional ;)
i hope you enjoy this tutorial video below

Make wood planter or a raised bed from left over wood

Love Pati x

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