Garden Makover - turn a slanted garden into a flat one


Our garden makeover might be an interest to some - as this garden was build on a slope - a huge pile of clay where nothing grew and in a wet weather you had to go up to slide down safely - not cool
As a serial plant killer i have managed to successfully keep some of the evergreen plants alive ( this surprised my mother too ! and most of those grow in damp soggy clay - so please bare with me and i walk you though how this urban garden got transformed form your worst nightmare to a  disabled , people and animal friendly urban low maintenance garden ( by low maintenance i mean cutting a branch or two every 5 years )
I do not have a very first photo of the garden as such - i got one that was done not long after first deck was build by yours trully - rest of the decor is not mine ... i am cringing posting this shot of the garden before on the blog  - but here it is



As you can see  from this small photo that there is a slope and its quite a big one - to compare both fences are 8ft tall
Shifting all that clay would have been impossible without hiring machinery and breaking brick wall (not mine) in order to get anything into the garden. So the plan of action was needed , My husband needs changed a lot since we moved in and he was simply unable to use the garden - due to the fact that it was simply unsafe for him to just go out in a straight line .


The whole process was a bit of a slow one over this last 5 years
First and most important thing was to tackle the bones ( or clay for that matter )
most simple solution was to build a raised bed at the highest point and raided decking on the lowest point . that would provide a fairly straight ( just dont check it with a level cos its probably wonky ) - there is a post on how you can build a raised bed here - and you can use thicker wood too
I never done a how to lay decking post as i wasn't  on insta back them 0 but its fairly straight forward - you basically build a frame just like i did my pergola roof - just thicker outdoor treated wood - and depending if its flat or raised you can rest it on slabs - if you need it raised - add legs and make sure they are on a slab - you might ask why - it will stop the leg from sinking into the ground and wood rotting - if the frame is done correctly - you wont have to see to it for 20plus years
and on your frame - you screw the decking boards using proper decking screws as they do not rot - simple ;)
All in all there are 3 decks in this garden - big deck aka our dining area , small sun deck - space that is only spot that gets any sun - and a deck that joins this space together .


The Next part was stones - there are many types to chose from and if you shop wisely you can find a great bargain - always buy by a tone if you have a big space to cover as it always seem to work out cheaper than buying bags
Good quality weed membrane is a must - you do not want anything too thin that rips easily as the weeds will come through - also remember "expensive" does not always mean good quality  - just make sure its thick and you can get some good membrane on the web places like amazon and ebay got them and if you need big roll - it be delivered to your door
Thats the basics
Then slowly over the years we added plants pots and build a pergola ( how to do tat is here)
Safe to say that we use this garden a lot more in this last 5 years than we did in the remaining 7 that it was there .
Garden is not finished yet  it needs a few things like taller screening that i am hoping to build soon and do a tutorial on it , and a water feature that was a small dream of mine - but we are closer than ever to get those little bits tacked .


I wanted to show you that with a little bit of will power and a lot of determination you can create easy no maintenance garden and we both cannot wait to continue our journey
some of the sources
decking - wickes
stones - blue slate
paint - cuprinol garden shades -black ash and sandtex masonry paint in black
firepit - von haus
concrete planters - out and out original
green tolix style chairs - cult furniture
pergola lights - ikea spray painted the lacquered
dining table legs - ikea and top deck boards - make it here
coffee table legs frammel + frame - make it here
pergola - make it here

wooden planter /raised bed - make it here