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Today i had a pleasure chatting to a amazing Tracy Reed from Mad chair company - if you are looking for a quirky addition to your home look no further ! - Mad chair company have one of a kind designs that add the wow factor to any room - from chairs to foot stools in a range of colors and patterns - seeing designs like those just put a massive smile on my face
And there is more you be able to win one of your choice of a chair - but on that later - let's her from Tracy

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Can you tell our readers about yourself and your brand ?
Our brand is called MaD Chair Co, short for 'Mother and Daughter'. We work together designing and printing fabrics and employ a brilliant upholsterer. Our brand is relatively new but we have had a fantastic response so far luckily.We try to keep our brand unique and quirky and to only create items that are true to us!

What piece are you most proud of , or one that has  a significance to you?
We our most proud of the of the hexagonal design chair because of how the colours worked on fabrics. And its the one our customers seem to love most.

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in your design journey ?
10 years in the printing industry and gaining and in-depth knowledge in graphic design programms has really helped in our design journey. But our greatest strength is being a mum and daughter team,.

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What would be your tips for anyone thinking of starting their own business in design?
I would say 'stay true to yourself, why fit in when you were born to standout'.

Can you tell me about your greatest high in your career ?
Our greatest high was selling to a celebrity. But the high highs are yet to come!!!!

What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?
Our greatest failure working  on to much  to soon. We learnt to give realistic timescales. If somethings worth having,its worth waiting for.

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Who has impacted you most in your design journey and how?
Believe it or not the doubters have impacted most on our design journey, if we are told we can't do it, we go out of our way to prove we can.

Who is your design or style icon?
Vivienne Westwood is our design icon. She's still so cool at the grand old of 77.

What do you think has been your brands super power?
Our superpower is that we have super lightning reactions, we can react to trends with our own unique tweaks in the bat of an eyelid.


Were you artistic as a child?
 Not overly as a child. The rave scene 1988 brought out my love of design, designing local rave posters.

Since Style Squeeze is all about small spaces - how would you squeeze most of small square footage (your tips suggestions )
Get something custom built.Dont let the furniture dictate.

What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time????? Is that really a thing?

Do you put limitations on the work in terms of brave and bold or is there no fucks given?
We don't give a flying one!!! The strength of your imagination is the only barrier.

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Design or functionality ?
Design – I would sooner sit on an uncomfortable sofa than an ugly one

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
How long do you have.

Which bad habits of other people drive you crazy?
Know it alls, I can't do with know it alls.


Favorite dinosaur ;)

What was the worst job you have ever had?
Ive not had any 'worst' jobs. I just love work!!!

Would you rather Kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?
erm, kiss a jellyfish probably, no step on a crab. Aw its a hard one

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Got any hidden talents ? ( what are they)
I haven't found them yet.

coffee or tea?

What is the one thing, you can’t live without?
My kids

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In " Alternative universe if you could be any piece of furniture what would you be ?
Tutankhamun's canopic chest, the one found in his tomb.

What was your worst decor faux -pass?
Decorating faux pass. Im an 80s child, there have been many

Who would be your idea client to work with?
Vivienne Westwood


Thank you so much Tracy for taking your time to talk to us
Competition is now closed winner is @littlefirsthouse congratulations
Now for the fun part for all of you
You can WIN YOUR CHOICE of a chair worth £750 - to ensure it will fit in your decor - featured in this blog post - how cool is that !
To be in a chance of winning please
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please tag as many friends on my Instagram post (@patirobins) as you like as each comment with a tag counts in the prize draw
Competition will run until end of Sunday 13th of may and winner will be announced on my stories on Monday (Tuesday at the latest )
Good luck
Love Pati x

winner of this giveaway is @littlefirsthouse congratulations

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