DIY Rustic scaffold pipe table in 3 simple steps

DIY Rustic scaffold pipe table in 3 simple steps

I have struggled a while to find the perfect dining table that is small enough for the tiny bit of space i got as well as being cheap - over the years priced of old farmhouse tables rocketed so i hit the building site - and decided to use old and battered wood - if you are thinking of building your own table - or a bench - then this is the tutorial for you x
To make it its really easy , and cheap and you can make it to your desired size


Materials (to make table 120 x 65 cm )
4 x scaffold pipes cut to 63 cm length (legs)
2 x scaffold pipes cut to 48 cm lenght (leg support)
1 x scaffold pipe cut to 106cm lenght  (bottom bar)
8 x scaffold wall plates (for feet and to attach table top )
6 x short tee clamps
3 scaffold boards cut to 120 cm
2 random pieces of wood - i used 9mm ply so it wont be visible under the boards
bunch of screws , drill , measurement tape and spirit level
saw with wood and metal blade
as an extra - wax , osmoil, or stain of your choice


How to
1 measure and cut your scaffold boards so they are even , make sure you sand them down so they are also smooth


2  measure and cut your ply or random piece of wood in order to install it underneath the table to help holding boards tight - i used 9mm ply and i cut it smaller than the width of boards . then screw it in .


3 assembly - now this is very easy
starting for the leg bottom bar  (pick 1 48cm pipe and attach 3 tee bars as shown on the first photo above then tighten it
then we are going to put leg pipes through it - pick 2 63 cm pipes and put them through both outside tee clamps adding a round wall plates to the top and bottom of your pipes those will be the table feet and table fitting plates , then  construct the other set of legs
once you are done with that you can use single bottom bar pipe (106 cm ) and attach it to the middle tee clamp that was empty then tighten it
then flip the table over and screw it to your table top and you are done ;) table takes max 2 hours to complete finish with wax or wood stain


This table can be used inside our out - you can make stools and benches , desk -using the same method sky is the limit - bottom bar can me moved up to any height you desire
I hope you found this diy in any way helpful x
Love Pati x

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