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You go though life thinking that there isnt an art who can match your attitude and outlook on life and them you come across Art by H who totally nails his art ! whats more behind a kick ass art Anthony or H as he like to be called  is a very positive person - i have loved talking with him for the good past few weeks - and i wanted you guys to find out a little more about H in his own words
His art speaks to me not just because it got an f word or two thrown in but its the way he portrays the day to day objects - tak for instance a Valium bottle ( diazepam ) photo below  titled "sunshine on a cloudy day" is the best description for those small happy pills as my husband calls it
H art is not for the faint hearted- but then again if it was - it would not have the same effect when it hangs in the room
its an art that you want to invest in - something that will make you smile whenever you look at it - and you be able to win a piece of art thanks to his generosity - did i mention hes generous as well as positive ?
Ok i stop rumbling now and pass on this pace to H :)



1. Can you tell our readers about yourself and your brand ?

My name is Antony Haylock, commonly referred to as H. I am an artist creating work that is known for its playful merging of art genres and themes in oil, acrylic and airbrush paintings and sculptures. Often making statements that reflect or question elements of our society.

2 .What piece are you most proud of , or one that has  a significance to you

A tough call, as constantly creating new works, the proudness shifts as the work evolves. I think a turning point for me when first starting out, I found my voice with the Defence of the Inanimate series. I found a new connection within myself that opened up a conduit from idea to realisation.

3. Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in your design journey ?

I think my strengths lie in all the years of various practices and areas of the creative process. Now able to draw on these for any idea that comes to mind.

4. What would be your tips for anyone thinking of starting their own business in design 

Be prepared to fail time and time again and if you’re not someone who is of the mind set that no matter what you will make it work then just go find a job! Ha!

5. Can you tell me about your greatest high in your career ?

I hope that is yet to come as I don’t feel I am nowhere near where I’d like to be. I do however feel very grateful to be able to do what I do for a career and love it so much.


6 .What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

I think you learn constantly from the mistakes, so I don’t think that there really is a failure for me yet, just setbacks that give you a new perspective to move forward.

7 . Who has impacted you most in your design journey and how?

I think I am constantly motivated by Instagram and the incredible work I see on there. It is such a source of inspiration of what is being created out there.

8. Who is your design or style icon

Having spent my life in the creative industry I have always found a great fondness for Warhol and what he did to the art world. Obviously reflected in my work, you can see the influence but I hope a fresh approach, calling on modern themes to create my own brand of Pop art.
9 What do you think has been your brands super power?

I’m not really sure there is one with me. Maybe my ability to be unwavered in my attempts to get where I want to be with my work. Other than that I guess my commitment to an idea and making it the very best it can be, producing quality with everything I do.

10  Were you artistic as a child?

I was, but not as driven as I am now or have been. It wasn’t until I was at college that I found the drive I needed to make my way in the create industry.


What do you do in your spare time?

I love to be outdoors, I live near the sea, so have kitesurfed for year but more recently been really into paddle boarding. I have a custom car I built and Harley chopper, so also love to get out in them and just rack up miles when the weather is fine.

13. Do you put limitations on the work in terms of brave and bold or is there no fucks given?

I’d like to think there is no fucks given really, but I think I do still take into consideration the commercial element of what I do. I think it’s just inherent from my years in the industry.


Quick fire questions :
14 - design or functionality - Both! Absolutely couldn’t separate them
15  What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? - Jesus! Too many to choose, I’m constantly doing stupid things, often in the pursuit of an idea or just fun!
16. Which bad habits of other people drive you crazy?  - Laziness, or people who just complain about their lives but just don’t do anything to help themselves.
17. favourite dinosaur ;) – T-Rex… I mean why not! Also there’s a funny reason I can’t reveal but is a personal joke between a couple of friends, so this will make them laugh!
18. What was the worst job you have ever had – Not really had a bad job, kind of enjoyed the part time crappy jobs when I was a college, always managed to get on well with supervisors so could swerve responsibilities and have a cruisy time! Ha!
19 . would you rather Kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab? – Step on a crab, nothing against them, but those jelly fish sting and I wouldn’t want a face full of the cure of urine (if it’s true!?)


20. Got any hidden talents ? ( what are they) – I can walk on my hands quite well (better when I was younger obviously!)
21. coffee or tea? Used to be tea hands down but the last few years has been a sway to coffee, maybe the long hours creating! Ha!
22. What is the one thing, you can’t live without? Oxygen
23. In " Alternative universe if you could be any piece of furniture what would you be ? A Chaise Longues, I mean come on… so damn relaxed!
24. What was your worst decor faux -pass – Décor is not my thing, I think because it’s mine I can’t choose colours or decide on much. Often I’ll just get someone else to pick!

art by H .jpg

Told ya hes amazing !!
Now for the fun part - you can win a choice of 1 limited edition print as shown in the photo above worth £195
All you need to do is
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in my instagram post (@patirobins ) tag as many friends as you like , as each tag will be numbered as one entry so you can enter as many times as you like - you will have time till end of Sunday 1 of july and entries will be put in the draw and winner will be chosen following Tuesday good luck

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