DIY-Turn your ornament into a lamp using ikea £5 lamp base

DIY-Turn your ornament into a lamp using ikea £5 lamp base

This is one of my old DIYs i done a few years back. Animal lamps weren't popular and the ones that were available were expensive  - what i would have done differently is change the plug - but at the time things were tough and i have used what i had at home.Its actually very easy to do


So for this DIY you will need
£5 ikea hemma lamp base ( you can buy it here ) - base screws out so its easier to thread your object in
electrical tape or better a new plug ;)
scissors /wire cutters
your chosen object - i chosen a vintage bulldog
12 mill screw bit thats suitable for the jib  depending on a material of your item - i have used a flat paddle bit as my item was not ceramic
lampshade  - that was a charity shop find
optional - paint in a colour of your choice


Step 1 - start drilling through your object - in my case it was a wooden bulldog  ;) i have used a 12 mill flat paddle drill bit and drilled straight through it - dont apply to much preasure as you dont want to create any damage


Step 2 - cut the cord - now bare in mind i didn't change the plug i just joined two pieces together under the lamp base


Step 3  dismantle the lamp base - this lamp unscrews from the base - so unscrew it and thread the wire and the metal rod through your ornament then screw it back into the base


Step 4 - Depending on where you cut your cable
if you want to change the plug please watch video below

and if you like me cut it close to the base and want to join your cables i suggest you watch this video - i have used electrical tape to tape each 2 cables separately then  eventually together for extra strength


Hope you enjoyed this simple DIY -  if you have any questions please dm me x

Love Pati x

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