DIY -Ombre chair

DIY -Ombre chair

Summer Holidays are coming to a close , so the indoor project planning have began , while  i was sitting there minding my own business Rockett St George messaged me and asked if i would like to try their new RSG Design paints made my Craig and Rose - and to go wild on one of their piece of furniture ,  i loved the look of their wooden Merci chair - that can be best described as rustic take on traditional chair - in other words i love the chair itself - perfect shape , when it came to the paint i struggled a little as my first thought would be go for mustard paint , but then again that would have been an easy choice - so i went with green , but i wanted to preserve the Merci chair natural wood - and this is how the ombre idea came to me . So today you will have to endure the simple process of how to achieve an ombre effect on a piece of furniture ;)


First thing first The Merci chair is beautiful and in my honest opinion is was to beautiful to paint - i adore its rustic and raw look - hence the before photos ;)
list of supplies

  • paint original colour of your choice in my case it was RSG Design paint in a dalloway shade , plus a lighter (white ) and a darker (black) - tester pots

  • Paint brushes

  • sponge -i used kitchen sponges )

  • water (i explain that one later ;)

  • pots , bowls whatever you have to mix the paint in


once you got everything ready and your piece of furniture is as raw as mine was give it a quick sand down and lets crack on , if you are painting over a piece that could have a varnish on make sure to sand down the piece of furniture first , then give it a coat of primer


prepare 4 bowls  first 3 add a little of original paint color last one with a little water and a sponge
to first 2 bowls add some darker color in a different quantities  so you create 2 different shades , in bowl no 3 add a bit of lighter paint to make the original paint color lighter


Painting - decide how high do you want to go with your ombre and first coat your piece of furniture - in all shades - dont worry if its not ideal - we be dealing with the transition later


As you see the brush strokes here are uneven and not kept in a straight line - that's the beauty of ombre - its very similar to the way you would apply it to the wall but works a little different with how paint works on furniture - especially when you use eggshell paint - so it will last


Blending - the fun part is blending the lines together - if paint dried up by the time you finished painting your piece of furniture - dont worry run 2 colours next to each other and then start dabbing with a sponge to blend the two shades together -


6 water - ok this might sound bizzare but as i was using a furniture paint and not a spray paint , plus i also wanted to keep some raw wood but still needed some color transition - once i finished painting - i grabbed a wet sponge - not to wet just wet enough - and started to smudge the top part of the paint outwards into the raw wood - it took a few good go's but once i was happy with the effect - it was job done


7 - optional -protecting your furniture - once you are finished and want the unpainted part to be protected then you can apply a coat of water based varnish ( to know which varnish is water based - check the brush cleaning instructions on the back of the can - if it says that you can clean brushes with water- its water based

So this is it guys , an ombre chair that can be used inside and out
A quick word about the new RSG Design paint - i think it was a joy to work with it applies very easy and doesnt drip - and that is a a win win in my books , it took 2 thin coats to cover the chair , and the chair itself well you know i love it !
Id like to thank Rockett St George for asking me to do this 'challange" , and at the same time helping a person in need - as this chair will be soon off to its new home for that special someone whos just starting out after falling on a hard times - it good to spread a little joy right ?
Love Pati x


This post was created thanks to RSG as gesture of a good will - it was not sponsored and views , paint splashes and images are my own
To purchase the paint from Rockett St George new collection please click here
To buy your very own Merci chair please click here

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