DIY - how to recover your headboard the easy way

DIY - how to recover your headboard the easy way

The easiest and cheapest way to update the look of your bedroom is adding a pop of colour or pattern - my friend Joanna @feisty_boho did just that in her bedroom and as you know i love all shades of yellow and mustard - i asked if she could share with you her easy how to - so lets get down to business


1 - Materials

  • hammer

  • staple gun and staples

  • scissors


How To
1- iron the fabric so its free from any creases then lay your headboard on the fabric so you can start stapling the fabric to its back - make sure the fabric is tight and start stapling all the sides


fold corners like an envelope - then staple it - as on the corcer there is more fabric you can make sure that staples are fully in by hammering them


then Trim the left over fabric and fold it in - and start stapling again - that will prevent fabric from fraying - and thats it you just re covered your headboard


Big thanks to Jonanna from @feisty_boho  who will soon share some more quick and easy how to's with you - you can check her boho home here

Love Pati

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