iRobot Roomba 980 - week with a robotic vacumm


I bought my first Irobot Rommba model 650 2,5 years ago - it was a self gift for Christmas  - I have struggled to keep on top 2 hair shedding dogs -and i have basically given up sweeping all the freaking time . After hours and hours spent on the great wide web reading reviews i took a leap - and you know what ? - i never regret my decision to buy it ! - Before i review this beauty from I robot - let me tell you one thing -i so far i have never had to replace the battery in my old model - and i have it doing its job daily for the past 2,5 years - same result every time , i wake up to a clean home  (as my roomba is cleaning the floors when i sleep) that's free from dogs hairs - as much as i adore my 2 girls i do not like my black rugs to be covered in masses of white hairs


When you have an animals you might be a bit afraid that they will attack the vacuum breaking it - well they will most likely either attack it or run from it - in my case my girls done both -but after a week or so they keep from its way -  fast forward 2,5 years later they sleep happily while roomba does its work around them :)
iRobot was kind enough to send me their latest model- aka the daddy of irobot roombas - the 980 - its a huge upgrade to my trusty 650 , so before i put this baby to the test lets take a look at all the components


Roomba 980 - has like any other roomba a side brush that rotates sweeping all the dirt that is on the floor those tend to last a while , with proper care , sometimes they might stop rotating ( that happened with my 650 model ) - what that meant is you simply unscrew it and clean the human hairs ( mine ;)) that managed to wrap around - that can happen maybe once every 6 months - all depends how much hairs do you lose ;)
What have changed in this model - and i think for the better are the brushes made out of some sort of rubber which is ideal for picking up hairs and things - also it is much easier to clean in order to make most of your roomba
What have changed also between 650 series and 980 is its suction power ! - i thought my rugs and floors were clean with 650 - but 980 beat it hands down !


I love the fact that roomba new areoforce filter Captures 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns , which is brilliant for any allergics and they are easily replaceable , dust bin is big enough for our home and opening does not allow anything to fall out , you can set your roomba to finish cleaning once  its bin is full - something my 650 did not do  


Every Irobot Roomba comes with virtual wall bariers - the 980 comes with two of those - they are very handy when you do not want your roomba to enter an area - for instance a child room when your child is sleeping or a kitchen when you are cooking and dont want your roomba to disturb you - each barrier has a range of 3 meters so having 2 covers a whole lot of area .
When it comes to stairs - irobot roombas cleverly avoid them - so dont worry about any accidents - but if you are still a bit worried - then simply put one of the virtual wall barriers to have a piece of mind that your roomba will not fall down


The biggest update for me for having a iRobot home app - which allows me to quickly "clean" the room while i am not home - before the guests arrive , this app is also compatible with alexa - i haven't tried this one as i don't have alexa ,  app also will show you a performance of your roomba - showing the whole area cleaned , if your robot got tangled somewhere - then you can find it at the press of the button - robot then will play sound allowing you to locate it . app will also show the status of your brushes , and how full is your roomba dust bin - so you don't have to check for it manually .


You can schedule your roomba so it cleans when you want it to -my roomba is set up to clean downstairs while we sleep and my old model vacuums upstairs when we are not home - both models have a cleaning schedule and this feature i use the most .
Another upgrade which i find to be a great thing is -that this roomba cleans in a pattern - starting from edges to "map" the room , then progresses to going from one and to another - something my 650 lacked - while 980 does it more with sense 650 went all ovr the place - both done the job - but with 980 having more of a structure room was left cleaner ! - run time is also longer - it can run up to 2 hours on a single charge , and if that's not enough for whatever  reason the 980 will go back to its dock for a recharge and then continue with its cleaning where its missed  - so no home will be to big for roomba to tackle
Another reason why i am a massive fan is the fact that under my bed and sofas there is not a speck of dust  i hate to admit it but i didn't always clean daily under sofas or bed - i mean - whos got time for that ? 
Roomba also gets onto your carpet or rug with ease , and its pretty good with untangling itself from cables  few things that you have to be mindful are lose charging cables ,socks and rope dog toys  - they wont be broken by roomba or brake roomba - if they do get tangled roomba will simony stops and lets you know that something got caught in the brushes


As a budget couscous person - i understand that not everyone will be able to afford a top shelf model , i also use my bottom shelf roomba 650 which is now replaced by 676 - that got all the benefits of  my old one (like schedule cleaning ) but also it can be used via app
if you are not bothered by schedule cleaning mode then roomba then 606 model is also a fantastic buy - what i am trying to say here is that if you thinking of investing in a robotic vacuum then iRobot have created a range of models that will suit your needs as well as the budget - they are all well made machines and i am a a fan of them .
iRobot have asked me for my honest opinion as to what i think of its latest product - and while i love the new brushes as much as i love the old one ( that also have to be maintained with a brush like tool provided  ) , and the fact that it cleans in a pattern i am happy to say that  spot cleaning mode which is in every model made its way to 980 too  ( for those that are unfamiliar with a spot cleaning is a function where for instance you spilled some cereal - you press the button and roomba will circle the area until everything is cleaned ).
If money were no object for me i would buy 980 for its power , run time and really fantastic dirt detection , but again i cannot stress enough that whatever roomba you chose - they will all perform beautifully, they are also fantastic invention for disabled people who are house proud but sadly due to their limitation cannot use a conventional vacuum
What is next for me ? - i am planning to buy a braava floor moping irobot very soon :) - does it sound lazy ? nahh i rather spend my time with family than doing the housework
Id love to thank here the wonderful people at Irobot for letting me try and test their new model and making half of my neighbors hooked on it in the process ;)