This is one of my absolute favorite DIY/Craft projects done my my friend @sylwia.szymaniuk its a very simple make but looks a million dollars and its takes just 15 minutes to create this autumnal display - so lets get started

1pumpkins .jpg

Materials :
fabric - velvet or any other type of your choice
2 plates to draw and trace the pattern - big plate used here was 49cm and smaller was 38cm
filling - you can use pillow stuffing from an old pillow , dry beans or heck even rice hehe
pumpkin tails or old news paper and sticky tape- the masking tape type as its paper and make a shape yourself - add extra 5 min time)
needle and a thread
pencil /pen / fabric marking pen - choice is yours
super glue
spray paint of your choice
How To :

pumpkin 2.jpg

Using a plate draw a circle on the left side if the fabric , and cut the circle out


Using a needle and a thread loosely gather the edge of the fabric co you have a few “sea like folds” ;) do it all around - make sure that as you are pulling the fabric tighter you leave a small hole for the stuffing , and leave some thread on the ends so when you fill the pumpkin with stuffing you be able to pull and tie it in

pumpkin4 .jpg

Now its time to fill your “pumpkin” with stuffing and then pull the lose thread to close it up - or just sew it in ; ) both ways work - you can even add a smaller circle patch on top and then sew it in for a more “fancier” finish ;)

pumpkoin5 .jpg

As soon as you created your paper and sticky tape tails - best to use a paper masking tape for it , or used a real ones - spray paint them with your choice of spray paint and glue them to the top of your pumpkin - and you are done


Thank you Sylvia for showing us how to create this beautiful autumnal creations
Love Pati

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