Shark IC160UK duo clean cordless vacuum cleaner & Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner WV200UK review and giveaway


It is no surprise that we are a massive fans of Shark brand - I have written a few times about their products and i can honestly say i would not have written this post if i didn’t feel that the brand represents all what we are passionate about - Good quality product , great design as well as good price tag and Shark yet again ticked all the boxes with their latest models that have joined the every growing Shark Family -today id love to introduce you 2 great models from Shark family - the mighty Shark DuoClean Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away IC160UK and Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner WV200UK - both of which you be able to win
I had both vacuums for just over a month now so i was able to put them through loads of tests and see how they both performing


Shark DuoClean Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away IC160UK
I am not sure what i love more about it the looks or the fact that this vacuum is one of the best out there ! powerful yet light - ideal for anyone no matter the age ! Its now been a few weeks since shark joined our family, and were are a full house and dogs (and their stubborn dog hairs ) we need something that can actually do what i says on the tin ! -And by the rather dusty looking photos you can see that both machines were well used before i written this review - i should have photographed it straight out of the box as its a really lovely piece of kit, but there is more fun in a well used , tied and tested vacuum hence the photographs


Shark came out tops yet again with this model - i love the fact that the suction power gets even the most stubborn hairs out of the rug and car , thanks to duo clean motorized brushes that pick up even the smallest of dirt - as you can see we have hit the dog shedding season- see the photo of the brushes after the vacuuming and if i didnt clean the house - it becomes a one huge mess - it is safe to say that Shark manages to pick all the hairs up with ease. The dust bin is large enough for storing all the dirt and debris that gets collected , and bin is easy to detach from the whole unit and with one touch you can empty it out .


Its also very light so it is handy for my disabled husband to use it- as for the ease of use - it is as easy to put together as it is for separating it for all the jobs that needs doing , - the unit comes out of the base , and you have a range of attachments provided to tackle jobs around the house - in the box you will get a 20cm Crevice Tool ,Dusting Brush ,Wide Upholstery Tool as well as storage bag for all the accessories .
Shark yet again can reach all the nooks and carnies on the floor as well as above your head .
The whole unit is light and feels very robust


I love the fact that all the controls are located in the handle of the vacuum - there is an option for hard floors and rugs so when you use your vacuum you can switch between those with ease , for getting rid of more stubborn things from your carpet like previously mentioned dogs hairs there is also a boost button located in the handle - this is also a very handy feature for those people who might perhaps struggle with bending down to reach the controls , another cool thing is battery shape and location - it is right next to the dust bin and its cylindrical shape modern and easy to fit - with a very clear battery level indicator - the run time also surprised me! as this baby just keeps going ! you can use your shark vacuum up to 50 minutes ! - that is more than enough time to clean a large home , for my standard 2 bed home i can use the vacuum slowly around 3 times per battery charge


As with other shark models i also love the lights on the bottom of the vacuum - so you can see how much this vacuum picks up even in the darkest of corners .Shark is a bit of a transformer as you can use this as a conventional upright - with a great movment - what i mean by that is when you hold the wand you can move the vacuum with ease in any direction - it feels as it it glides its so easy ! you can also use it as a hand stick to reach under your bed or sofa , and when you are vacuuming your stairs or inside the car - you can use it handheld. For me - the build quality and strength of this machine is a money well spent - and a 5 year warranty is a huge piece of mind . This baby is capable of cleaning any home ! we love it


Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner WV200UK
You might wonder if this handheld vacuum should be your next purchase - let me tell you something - since arriving into our home this baby have been ever so helpful with those jobs where i just cannot be bothered to take a sweeping brush ! - from kitchen table crumbs to my sofas and dogs hairs on it and the car- if you got kids and they are hungry while you are driving you will know how the back seats of your car will look like after any trip ! - this is why i simply adore this shark handheld. it is also light and very easy to use . Its run time is 10 minutes , but it also recharges quickly . Did i mention that it also looks super stylish ?


This handheld comes with 2 attachments - the Crevice Tool with Dusting Brush that neatly folds over the tool and a Pet Multi Tool to tackle the jobs- you can also use it as it , its cordless so you wont have to worry if you got a plug socket near by .
T he clever thing about it is that the stand it comes with is also a charger ! - the vacuum slots in its stand and charges , there is also a space for the 2 attachments so you wont have to worry that you will lose them .This handheld is also preety good at collecting saw dust ( dont ask just take my word for it - it works - in our home this handheld took a permanent spot in our teen daughter room and she is using it the most - safe to say her room is actually kept clean from all the pencil shavings that usually are everywhere and to actually see a clean desk and floor -that says a lot ! This handheld have a great suction power and for its size it has also a good sized dust bin that it can be emptied at the touch of a button , we love it !


Now for the fun part for all of you !
Shark being a very cool brand kindly donated a brand new Shark DuoClean Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Powered Lift-Away IC160UK worth £449.99 and a Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner [Single Battery] WV200UK worth £129.99 For one of you to be able to finally see a difference when it comes to easiness of keeping your home clean ! - how cool is that !
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This post was made in collaboration with Shark Clean UK - All photos and views are my own - Thank you so much for your generosity xx
Pati x

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