DIY/Ikea Hack Make basket out of SIGNE rug


Hey Guys - have you got spare £2.25 ? then head over to IKEA to purchase a small flat woven rug - grab a sewing machine or needle and thread and we can start making a storage basket or even a planter cover - it is super easy and thanks to lovely fringing - bang on trend & hides all the rubbish out of sight - so are you ready?


1 Lay your chosen rug flat label side out and remove the label ;) fold it in half making sure its even and sew together both sides leaving fringed side


2 next you be sewing across the corners to create a triangle shape - once you do both cut off excess of “fabric” turn your rug inside out ( so its the correct way and fold out the fringe - and you are done ;)


Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY
Love Pati

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