DIY/Ikea Hack - make cushion cover out of Signe rug

DIY/Ikea Hack - make cushion out of Signe rug

Since my first Ikea Signe rug hack ( you can check it here ) i think i have forgotten to tell you as to how many rugs i actually bought ;)
The good news is - they are dirt cheap and well made plus to buy a bohemian fringed cushion you are talking £25 - so for just over £2 for ikea rug and few minutes of your work - its worth making your own - its super easy and i am no sewing guru - so if i can make it you can do it to :)
Ok lets crack on

  • Materials
    ikea signe rug
    rectangle cushion insert
    needle and tread or sewing machine


1 Lay your chosen rug flat label side out and remove the label - place a random rectangle cushion a little bit higher than a half - to determinate how your cushion cover is going to look and where fringing its going to be


2 fold the bottom part of the rug first


3 then the top part - and that’s roughly how your cushion its going to look


4 all you really need to do is sew both ends and turn cushion inside out :) - that’s just about it - the fringed fold itself will work as the cushion opening - you could do opening on the back by cutting rug into pieces - but in reality - why make more work for yourself ;) - you can sew it using sewing machine or doing it by hand - this time i done mine by hand sewing :)

hope you enjoyed this quick ikea hack :)
Love Pati x

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