DIY - Paint dalmatian print ( Micro office budget revamp )

DIY - Paint dalmatian print ( Micro office budget revamp )

When you lacking space - think outside the box - here is my micro office that i made in an old 1m x 80 cm boiler cupboard - that we nicknamed Monica cupboard - why Monica cupboard you might ask ? - well the next photo should explain a lot ! - for years that ex boiler cupboard was used for nothing but dumping things we got no use for - Walls were full of holes from where old pipework used to be and the whole space was just asking for a bit of TLC - i needed an office - and living in this home there was no extra room - so i tacked Monica cupboard - that way i would gain extra room - hoever small that room might be - its a bit of extra space to call my own


Now you know where i used to hide all my clutter ;) - in that cupboard there was everything ram packed - and after emptying it and donating few things i was left with dingy full of holes space - so i tacked it !
First i filled all the holes in the wall using wall filler , and allowed it to dry - then sanded the whole lot - make sure you wear a mask as dust does get everywhere ! , then i repainted everything white - bit bog standard white is not really me , and i cant really paint well so i looked on ebay and low and behold- there are stencils - i placed and order then waited patiently.Now i never used stencils before so i improvised the best as i could - the main problem that i faced was actually not being able to paint the pattern well o the edges - and i didnt want to cut the stencil - so if you want to know how i done it read below

  • Materials
    Stencils - (mine came from eBay - they come in all different sizes and those are made by ideal stencills - its not an advertisement heheh)
    paint brush - small one i used one from my daughter art set
    paint - i have used a rustoleum blackboard paint
    paint roller with tray - i tried to use the sponge one but it made the design look rubbish so i stuck with the fluffy type
    masking tape ( to hold the stencil in place) - i used a cheap home bargains one
    old kitchen cloth / tshirt x 2 one slightly damp and one dry


How to :

1- Secure stencil to the wall using masking tape and using a paint roller roll on the design then take quickly and carefully remove stencil of the wall allow the design to dry
2- wipe the stencil on both sides - so when you attach it to the wall you wont have any paint marks


3 - once your design is dry move over to the next space - i was alternating sides so i can finish quicker ( mind you i did start painting the wall at 4 am ! ) - you can speed the process up by using hair dryer gently to dry off the design - and keep wiping the stencil each time you finish using it
4- edges - once you are finished stenciling your wall - you have 2 options really cut the stencill so it will get closer to the corner or hand paint blobs yourself - i used a small art brush to create a “blob” shapes then filled them in - this was a bit time consuming but if you are working on a tight budget - then determination will help you .
I have left a unpainted wall where pipes are as i was boxing it in and boxing got stenciled too
To create that wall it would cost you between £10-£30 depending on the size of your stencil and how much paint you use


Fitting desk top
Now this is rather easy part - as the space itself is irregular - i decided to use 2 wood pieces that i trimmer to be slightly shorter than the desk depth attached to the wall at the same desk height from either side of the wall ( one of the walls is plasterboard so i used appropriate fixings ) - then i re measured width and depth and used an old kitchen worktop and trimmed it - also ikea sell desk tops from £6! - they also can be trimmed even tho they are semi hollow inside . i also had to cut out random holes for the pipes that i cannot remove - and to atach desk you can either just place it on top of wooden pieces or use l shaped brackets to secure it - you can do the same thing for the shelves - or if they fit go the ikea route
Boxing the pipes
i wanted to save space as in such a tiny” room” every cm is precious - so i used an off cut of random board i had ( ply - but you can use any type ) and from the inside side i have simply no nailed 2 pieces of wood ( so the boxing has a U shape ) and then stenciled-it in with same pattern as wall - then simply moved it towards the wall - its not attached to anything as its not falling down and it provides an easy access - but if you do want to attach it to the wall use l shaped brackets and just paint them to blend in


i already covered how to make those -but in case you missed it you can find rug basket here and hand lamp holder here - they are both very inexpensive and easy to make and add a personal touch as well as being useful
I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed making those walls at 4 am in the morning ;)

DIY - Paint dalmatian print ( Micro office budget revamp )