Polish connection- Spotlight on KUFA DESIGN


I thought about making a series of Polish accessible design blog posts for a while now , as most of you know i am Polish - and in my home you will find mixture of both Polish and British design pieces-i am not talking here about the hugely overpriced ones ,but the pieces that are affordable , great quality and a good investment - And most importantly design pieces that can be bought and admired whenever in the world you are living - hence the name of this series “Polish connection”- connecting creative makers with the rest of design world .

Today i wanted to introduce you to Creative duo Kasia and Bartek known as KUFA DESIGN - I came across them while browsing Instagram for dog photos -that’s my guilty pleasure -i love looking at puppies and other people’s dogs.I was immediately drawn to an image of a English bull terrier sculpture standing on its Nose - and thought how cool is that ! when i finally tracked the company - i was in for a huge shock ! They are Polish! Now if you emigrated to another country - you will understand the sense of pride one feels when he/she sees “their own “ talent ! - and you do not have to be a dog lover to see the great design / detail that is created - move over Marco Antonio (seletti) - here comes kufa design !

kufa 1.jpg

From what i gathered when speaking to both Kasia and Bartek that their talent runs in the family-think Jackson 5 of sculpture and photography !- they have created Kufa design- from their passion to sculpture and design,they wanted to create an accessible art,that can grace your home- and something that is well made and hand crafted. I also think that the biggest reason behind the dog faces is their passion and compassion for dogs,and what is happening to them in this world - they also donate a percentage of the sales of “Kufas” to dogs home/dog rescues ,as well as collaborating with another talented artists who paint kufas and then auction those special pieces for the charity (look on their Instagram for Frida design! ) - those two are truly angels - and they are massive inspiration behind this series of posts .
The name Kufa - in Polish Cynology terminology ( canine terminology) stands simply for a dogs front part of face/head aka KUFA


As i mentioned before Kasia was brought up in a very talented family of artists and makers - you can see the pure talent and passion that comes in creating those sculptures-something that in my opinion cannot be taught-you got to be born with it. Bartek on the other hand - is more of a make it happen type - he is not afraid of a challenge or learning a new skill- he’s responsible for making Kasia’s first “kufa’s” come to life and to multiply her deigns .
The duo get their inspiration from dog’s breeds - taking their characteristics as well as characters into an account. The journey starts from a sketch based on a multiple photographs of dogs as a reference- they say that it would be hard to find a dog model who would hold their pose for many hours ;) Also a physical contact with a dog is taken as a part of Kasia’s creative design-be it a dog she meet on a street or a friends dog -Kasia says that when she meet the furry friend she touches the dog to get a general feel of its anatomy ,then she starts molding and finishing its face. Once the clay model is finished it is Bartek turn to bring it to life by making a mould-they create their first prototype and once their are happy with the design Bartek takes over and makes multiple heads from a mould - using variety of materials like polymer clay and cement . It is worth to mention here that unlike many sculptures i bought (that were a bit overpriced for what they are) this one is SOLID ! not hollow inside


Their most favorite design to date is “Rusty” version of bull terrier - which thanks to its finish adds multi textural dimension - and looks oh so cool! What was mind blowing for me was the fact that the bull is standing on its nose! and it does stand well and solid. When it comes to other favorites -Bartek on the other hand would like Kasia to make him an alien head (my husband when he heard that said its a great idea) - but as they are working on creating more breeds of dog sculptures Bartek would have to wait its turn ;)
Kufa’s are not just a stand alone piece of art of your favorite breed-Thanks to their stability and shape -they can be used in a variety of ways from book ends to a glasses or jewelry holders - the possibilities of its use are endless .


The creative duo is passionate to bring an affordable sculpture to our homes , the whole process of sculpturing tan take many hours , hence Kufa design does not accept private commissions they say that a one off Kufa would really not be cost effective- they rather create the breed pieces slowly in their own time and with their vision making it affordable for the masses .
Its not just the great detailing that their buyers love - its also the stunning wooden box the sculptures come in that is not only beautiful but practical.

kufa 4.jpg

Besides their best selling English bull terrier , and French bulldog that comes in a variety of colours and finishes ( check their etsy page here) - the newest member of Kufa family - is the prototype of a gorgoues chihuahua as sen below - there are also few more breeds in a pipeline . I think that whenever you own a particular breed of dog or not - you got to admit that from the design aspect - those sculptures add a touch of quirky to any home ! plus they are very practical.
I do hope that Kasia and Bartek designs will be more recognizable in the world stage of design - tanks to their passion and the kindness of their hearts - and by buying your own kufa you have a piece of mind every piece that adorns your home helps animals in need .


I hope you enjoyed reading more about creative duo behind Kufa design & what they stand for
you can follow their instagram here
and to purchase your own Kufa - head over to their Etsy page - they ship world wide

If you read this far …. then you be happy to know that Kufa Design have kindly donated a KUFA of YOUR CHOICE to the Giveaway open WORLDWIDE ) - head over to my Instagram here to enter the giveaway

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Watch how KUFA DESIGN makes their Sculptures