DIY - Add moulding to a flat door or wall the easy way

DIY - Add moulding to a flat dooror wall the easy way

He huys here is a quick and easy Sunday diy project for you - Add a moulding a a flat door - it can be any door and you can also use the same technique on the walls - Today blog post is possible thanks to my dear friend Magda Instagram @magmuasel - check it here . I have done my own doors uostairs using simmilar technique many years back so i cant really re do whats done - but thanks to Magda i can show you just how easy you can elevate your door from drab to fab in minutes !


To create moulding on a door or a wall you will need
decorative trim in a size and style of your choice - you can buy that in any diy store
mitre box and saw
instant grab adhesive ( aka no nails brand)
measuring tape
spirit level
Paint in the colour of choice


How to -
1 first decide where on your door you want mopulding to be in - measure and mark the area making sure all your lines who will be used as a guide be straight


2 - start cutting wooden trim - cutting it at 45 degree angle , and do it untill you have all the pieces at the ready


3 now the fun part - apply a bit of instant grab adhesive onto the moulding pieces and stick it to the door - making sure that the pieces are straight check it with the spirit level - and to stop anything from moving use a sticky tape to stop the moulding from sliding - leave it for few hours until adhesive sets


4 the last part is to paint the door - Magda used striking black - and it looks amazing ! thank you so much Magda for sharing your tutorial

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