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Today i would love to introduce you to a very special maker ! Lottie Davies from Coldharbourlights - Lottie creates a true lighting masterpieces that are one of a kind work or art - the amount of patience , and hard work that goes into them - is mind blowing .When i first came across those stunning lights on Instagram - my jaw have truly hit the floor - they look so glam , and at the same time feel light and airy . And as we love chatting to creative people - we wanted to know more about Lottie and her dinosaur preferences :) - so i hand you over to Lottie now x


Can you tell our readers about yourself and your brand?

I am half Spanish with a background in theatre performance. I spent my twenties touring theatre shows across Europe. When I started a family in my thirties, I left the touring life behind and settled in my native London where I found my way back to my design roots. I like to think that there is a theatrical element to my designs. Coldharbour Lights’ feather shades aim to go a step beyond lighting to offer a tactile experience with a flamboyant, playful dimension. The name itself comes from the company’s roots, having its first studio in Coldharbour Lane near Brixton, London.

What piece are you most proud of, or one that has a significance to you?

I am most proud of the two-tiered Bertie, because after the Gloria, it was a real technical challenge in product development for me. And I love its exuberance. Next up is a three-tiered piece.

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in your design journey?

My theatre work really honed the playful side of my personality and that has been essential in experimenting with materials and playing with ideas. I like to surprise myself. I am curious about the provenance of the materials I use and the story behind the services that help me, so that also feeds into the pool of resources I have to play with.

What would be your tips for anyone thinking of starting their own business in design? 

I would never in a million years have dreamt of being asked to give business advice! My own journey has involved being true to my instincts, following my pleasure and taking the right sized step at each turn.

Can you tell me about your greatest high in your career?

Coldharbour Lights is only 18th months old so we look forward to new heights, but SO FAR … being chosen by Lambart & Browne to create the central chandelier for Decorex Bar in 2018 was a real high point. It was a very exciting way to mark our first birthday.

What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

I haven’t had any major disasters or failures so far….

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Who has impacted you most in your design journey and how?

People who have asked for more, who have encouraged me to pursue an idea, like Patrick Gill of Ecco Trading who spotted my very first feather shade at an open studio event and asked me if I could make it two-tiered.

People who have an enabled me to get my work out into the public realm, such as Maud Fierobe and Stefano Frigerio of Champagne & Fromage in Brixton, London; Lucy St George of Rockett St George and Omar Jowhar at Decorex. Each one has seen the potential and enabled me to take another step in a rewarding direction.

Who is your design or style icon?

Missoni. My Desert Island luxury would be a crocheted Missoni maxi dress.

What do you think has been your brand’s super power?

Being unlike anything else on the market. Also producing pieces that are exuberant and surprising has been a real strong point. The brand combines a playful and tactile element with a subtle influence from the elegant designs of the Art Deco period. I think that combination has a real appeal. I love doing shows because it’s great opportunity to witness people’s immediate reactions. It seems to be the sort of work that people either walk straight past or else have a visible emotional reaction to.

Were you artistic as a child?

I was the youngest of four but so much younger than the rest that it felt like being an only child in many ways. I spent hours in my room ‘pottering’. Having empty time makes fertile ground for invention and creativity. I would play with materials - wire, beads, Fimo. As a teenager, on Saturdays I would go to Portobello Road for Spanish guitar lessons, and afterwards I would take the jewellery I’d made during the week to a stall under the Westway where a very kind trader let me have a tiny corner of his stand. It was my first experience of selling my own designs.


Since Style Squeeze is all about small spaces - how would you squeeze most of small square footage (your tips suggestions)

I used to live on boat that was 36’ long and 10’ wide.  VERY SMALL! You learn very quickly to be extremely economical with everything and to have minimum stuff. Having storage spaces built-in to maximise every morsel of space helps. Many things had to hang (especially as it was a boat that we sometimes took to sea).

What do you do in your spare time?

What do you mean “spare time”!? I love to dance and I love to sing. I used to sing in a local choir – it’s the most uplifting thing.

Do you put limitations on the work in terms of brave and bold or is there no fucks given?

The biggest limitation I am subject to is time. I’m always busy keeping up with orders and running the business. I have the next 3 ideas queuing up in my head, waiting for the time to come out and play and to see what can happen next.

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Quick fire questions

Design or functionality?

Sometimes they come together. Sometimes apart. I follow my heart.

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

How long do you have? Mainly to do with trusting strangers.

Which bad habits of other people drive you crazy?

Rudeness, selfishness.

Favourite dinosaur ;)

Dino from The Flintstones.

What was the worst job you have ever had?

Sitting in an office, inputting numbers on a computer all day long. I lasted a month.

Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?

Step on a crab, then cook it and eat it.

Got any hidden talents? (what are they?)

Parallel parking into tiny spaces – a traffic warden once watched me park and then told me “You park like a man.” Bloody cheek! Also, sleeping well and playing guitar.

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Coffee or tea?

Yorkshire tea please.

What is the one thing, you can’t live without?

Chocolate. Green and Black’s almond please.

What was your worst decor faux-pas?

Painting our bedroom in a coral colour years ago. It was called ‘mango jazz’. Says it all really.

Who would be your idea client to work with?

Someone who says “Yes! AND…”

REPEAT question?

What do you think has been your brand’s super power?

Being completely unique and its playful appeal to a range of senses.

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