Get your garden ready - VonHaus Hedge trimmer and leaf blower review


I am no expert on gardening - and often refer to a garden maintenance as “trimming my bush” …. for few years i had people looking at me oddly … until i realized what i have been saying (for those of you wondering if i have lost my mind - the answer is maybe , but also English isn’t my first language) but anyway back to garden - my bush needed trimming, so VonHaus came to the rescue and gifted me those two swanky tools , to see what i think of them 710W Rotatable Hedge Trimmer and a 3000W Leaf Blower that’s also a garden vac . I was meant to buy a new trimmer this year as my mini one struggles with trimming bigger branches (hence the overgrown bush ;)


Lets start with my firm favorite the 710W Rotatable Hedge Trimmer - you can buy it here , Von House has a great power tools that are budget friendly - so this baby the most powerful of the hedge trimmers that VonHaus sales and costs only £49 ! - in my opinion it is just as good as the “big boys “ that lead the market - so why spend more ? ( i didnt get paid to say it hehehe) , the trimmer itself comes with a protective blade casing , it has rotating handle for ease of use , 10 meter cable (they also sell cordless version) and blade itself is 61 cm long - so all in all a perfect size


The rotating handle is something i am not very used to - but its a fantastic feature if you want to save your wrists from constant movement, the trimmer is light-ish - it weights 3.75 kg but at the same time solidly build - i can vouch for that , as i tripped and dropped it . Talking about dropping it - the 2 factor switches are conveniently placed at the bottom of the handle so the trimmer cuts of when you let go of it ;)


The trimmer itself is very sharp and cuts even the biggest branches with ease on VonHaus page they say that it can cut branches up to 24mm thick ( i went beyond that - shouldn’t really be writing it , but it did cut )- the blade (s) are long enough and and are spaced every 24 mm - so you can cut large area saving yourself the time . Also there is 2 year warranty so they got you covered - i can honestly say i am really happy with the trimmer - it does the job well , and its designed for your comfort of use in mind


Now the leaf blower /vac - i actually like the machine - the only thing i would change about it is the 2 tubes that slot in each other - i would swap it for a single tube , but for £29 - for me its also a good bargain (you can buy it here ) - it got 3000 w of power and besides blowing and vacuuming it also mulches leaves , if you have stones like me i would suggest you put some kind of tarp / ground cover first so you have less job vacuuming and save the machine from collecting stones - i didn’t think of i till i finished the job , but lesson is learned)


The leaf blower comes with a bag that collects all the things you want it to collect ;) and it is zipped on the bottom for ease of emptying, there is also a carry strap, and machine itself is very light , it also weights around 3.5kg - suction power is strong so is the blowing power . The orange slider allows quick and easy change between blowing and vacuuming - what i would change is “mode markings to be in black for greater visibility. Dismantling is actually fun too as it all separates into 3 for ease of storage and it does not take much of the space in your home if you do not own a shed


I have always try and buy the best tools and machinery be it for the indoor and outdoor jobs i can afford , and in this case VonHous really surprised me - their products in my opinion have the built in quality of a top shelf brands but at a bargain prices . It actually made me re think my future power tool purchases. VonHaus asked me to provide them with my honest opinion in exchange for testing those 2 products - so besides the 2 small things i would change in the leaf blower - i can safely say if you are looking for any power tools - go and check out VonHaus
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